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21 October 2008


Joey Bahamas

This is good to see. After my trip home to the Bahamas I saw a significant difference in attitudes and many more openly gay men and women. Can't wait to get to grad school myself so I can look more into the Anglophone Caribbean's homophobia!



I'm glad to see some positive stories about Jamaica and Jamaicans. My partner was born and raised there and I've experienced nothing but love and acceptance from his family. I suspect that there are many Jamaicans that would like to speak out against homophobia. I'm hopeful that in time, they will.


As a homosexual Jamaican suffocating in the closet, I have to disagree about improvements to acceptance. I am in a dorm at a particular institution with number of males and the homophobic commentary everyday and night is just downright heart attack scary. The usual social talk about faggots, batty bwoy, fish are ingrained in the male vocabulary. Everywhere I go, homosexuality is frowned upon, any hint of it, anything that smells of it or near it is disowned. Right now, homosexuals do not have a life here, maybe one day in the year 3000. But, my mother, my siblings, my friends, my church members, my community - being gay is seen as the worst thing in this entire world in Jamaica. I wish I could share more of my views on this hatred here.

The reason why the gleaner is writing anything that sounds something like good is because the country is being scrutinized, its ultimately hurting Jamaica's image abroad and ultimately the bottom line. I remember being in the states a year ago and wondering to myself, should I just run off and escape, find a LGBT shelter and just make a new life for myself among people who understand me, care about who I am and accept my feelings for the same sex.

The reason I say this is simply because, as I get older, things are coming into view about me. I am at age I don't have a girlfriend or a woman or have not settled down. These things put a sharp focus on you. Eventually, I'm looking for a way out and its definitely not gonna happen in Jamaica. I'm gonna admit though its so frustrating seeing some of these guys half naked men in the mornings in the shower and you can't even touch, barely look.

Rod Mc

This is Rod from Rod 2.0.

That is a very moving and very powerful comment. I am going to publish it separately in a post by itself. If you can, please write email me rod.mccullom@gmail.com and write more about the pressures of being closeted and gay in Jamaican. Thanks.

Lang B

Wow, Jamaican, Hang in there. Focus on School for now.
You will find your way.

I do not understand how Jamiacan's have an obsession with homosexuality more so than any other island. It is true deflection (or so they think) from themselves. It is so apparent in dancehall music. You are vibing to a reaggae song and out of nowhere theartist starts ranting about "batty" boy and I am like what does that have to do with the song- look how flamboyant you are dressed?

I visited Jamaica years ago and have no real desire to head back there because of that same mentality.

Derrick from Phillly

Yes, JAMAICAN, your comment is one of the most moving and insightful statements I've ever read from a Gay Jamaican. What you're doing with your very existence (being at school), and your perseverance are examples of courage.

Thanks for sticking in there.

You never know what informative gems you're going to find on this blog any day.

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