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10 October 2008


Allen H

HAHAHA. It looks like they are in an airport. Coffee, tea or 10 inches, Mr Legend, lol.

Bradley R

Like whoa.

You know John wanted some of that. He likes that young, skinny thug realness.


That is so cool. Breion has a blog now, very cute.

I am so sure Johnn signed autographs and then some with that boy. Breion is a pleaser.


Rod, you are wrong for that, lol. John is just posing with a fan.


Oh have some fun. Of course they are just posing and taking a picture. Let your imagination run wild for a minute. John Legend with that juicy butt, Breion with his juicy ... oh you know the rest.


okay, you see the blog, john legend poses with that other thugporn star. they had a party.

William Crowe

Man, I would love to see that in action. I know that John Legend is straight but he seems like he would experiment. I can see him with some thug in him.

Kevin F

Really. You need to stop. John is very staright and hetro. This was a fan pic, nothing more.

Kevin F

And John Legend did NOT have a PARTY with these thugporn stars. He is not into men, very into women, very hetro.


Rod, how do you always get these photos, this is toooooo damn funny.

M. Mark

Kevin, stop clutching your pearls, sweety. We know that John Legend would not creep with that thugporn star. He probably likes pretty boys, dontcha think? lol

Norm C

Breion really is very talented. The young big d'd models at Flavaworks have stamina, especially Breion. It is hot.

Kevin F



this is irresponsible, you they are just posing, why imply something else. this blog is supposed to be all that i mean really, breon diamond, this is tacky.


Wow, someone is taking this personally. Of course John Legend is 'hetro', darling, he is just as 'straight' as Rodney Chester.


Breion Diamond is the shyt. He is sexy and SKILLED. I bet he and John Legend did have and John will write a song about it, too.

And Abel you need to fall back. What is wrong with Breion, you obviously know who he is.

M. Mark

Kevin, we heard you honey, there is no reason to shout. Shouting in all caps doesn't make John Legend any less suspect. With his sexy, singing self.


okay, here we go again,its time to start some drama

Greg G

TOO FREAKIN' HOT. I love it..

I logged on to check and see what updates there were on Connecticut marriage or maybe Noah's Arc and bam! One of my favorite singers and one of my favorite porn stars. Breion is so damsexy, I want to be the one to make him verse. .

and you know John Legend wanted to give him the GREEN LIGHT.

Kevin F

M. Mark, you are out of line, John Legend is NOT SUSPECT, he did not give these thugpornos the GREEN LIGHT, he is very very hetro and has a girffriend. A longtome girlfriend. He is hetro. He just took a pic with a fan, and he doesnt look very comfortable, perhaps he knew these boys were gay.


'He doesnt look very comfortable, perhaps he knew these boys were gay'.

Birds of a feather, etc.

Chas. A. Stevens

That is a great pic. I'm not huge fans of either. But John is doing great things obviously and Breion has quite a following. Props to both.


Wow. Kevin sounds like these straight women who come on here, geeez, lighten up, yo.


Just think how silly it would be if celebs started doing background checks on everyone that was photographed with them. - as long as it wasn't the Minneapolis airport... :p


After reading Bobby Blakes book I have wonder I'll bet that gangbanger he hung out with was Suge Knight. LOl Will Smith eat your non-threatening black acting ass heart out.

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