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02 October 2008



those log cabin republicans are just like blacks that don't vote. they make no sense.

Taylor Siluwé

We have to stop expecting these people to do something not in their own greedy self-interest.

They're incapable; that's why they're republicans.


Hey Rod, posted a blog last week about choosing to be gay. Here is the poem I wrote:

The Gift

Here I stand, a Latino man,
My spirit, brown and proud.
Yet this curse hovers over me,
Just like a dark rain cloud.

Here I stand a proud Chicano
“Viva La Raza” I stand and shout,
Pero mi Virgencita, what will she say When she knows what I’m about?

This curse remains inside me
I wake up every day
I cry, I pray, I beg and plead,
Please God, don’t make me gay.

I light a candle every night,
And wake up every day
Hoping to start living right,
To no longer wake up gay.

Ill end it all, so no one knows
This curse will never lift!
Then a voice whispers in my ear,
Your curse is but a gift.

Born this way I bestowed on you
Accept it, I know you can,
To yourself, always be true,
You are no less of a man.

Take this gift it’s who you are,
A wisdom it will show,
Gatekeeper to an ancient world
A beautiful gay Chicano.

So dry your eyes, I’m on your side,I made you with my hands,
No longer will you have to lie,
A brown and proud gay man.

Nancy jacobs

I am really concerned about the Log Cabin Republican's endorsement after hearing Palin's support
of a constitutional amendment baning against gay marriage.

The log Cabin Republican mission statement is clear about it's efforts toward equality, and Palin certainly has spoken
against gay equality.

She is really working against what the Log Cabin Repulbicans state they are trying to accomplish. If they stick with their endorsement of her, it will destroy any credibility they have.

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