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08 October 2008


A. Ronald

Oh dear. That truly was a senior moment.

Allen H

Who knows what goes on in the mind of John McCain, lol.


Well in a way McCain is telling the truth. We are all prisoners of Bush's disastrous economic policies. But bless his heart.


please make him stop!

Tony DR

McCain is imploding. Day by day and slowly but surely he is losing his mind because he knows he will lose.


Tony is right. McCain is unhinged because he knows he will lose to a black man. George Bush and John McCain have driven the country into the ground and are handing it on a platter to a black man. Must be maddening.


That must have been a Freudian slip to remind the audience he was a POW captive in Vietnam.


Okay, John McCain has officially jumped the shark.


Maybe we'll be lucky and he'll have more such "senior moments" BEFORE 11-4-08.

Andy Niable

Even if it was a slip, that's the most accurate thing that man has said in the entire 2008 Election.

Jane Burton

I'm 73, a year older but a lot smarter than McCain. I know how memory gradually declines. I know how most of us need a nap about 4 pm. Creative thinking is not what it was up to about 40. With that terrible temper, McCain as President is a scary thought. With possibility of melanoma recurrence, the thought of Palin is just terrifying. We are the laughing stock of the world. Jane

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