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24 October 2008



Wow. I didnt know there were black lacrosse players.

C. Baptiste Williams

very sexy

Tyler G

Now that is a hot man.


truth is there are blacks in everysport just not lots of them. FYI there are black fencers, black synchronized swimmers, black croquet players, black skiers and even black mountaineers. BUt I must congratulate Rod for highlighting this young man because it says that you can succeed if you put your mind to it!

Derrick from Philly

Lord, forgive me, but I'd sell my very soul for one night with Mr Banks. Hell, just a half hour!

Child, used to be trade that was built like that before crack cocaine came along and f....ked 'em all up.

Memories...of the way we were...


I grew up in Connecticut and there were other Blacks who played lacrosse, tennis, cricket and other considered 'elitist' sports.

And yes I agree with Nahtans. I love this blog, Rod 2.0 shows off the best of black gay men and black gay culture. I appreciate seeing black men in nontraditional roles. If Barack Obama and Mike Banks demonstrate anything,it is that we can if we try.


Yes, there are many black lacrosse players; my cousin has been playing for years at a Boston college.

However, there is ONE stereotype that cannot be avoided: Black men DO NOT smile. In my sincere opinion, this menacing, unapproachable and threatening "look" has to end.

I am so pleased to see Obama, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Magic Johnson and years ago Michael Jordan SMILE on magazine covers and television interviews!

I realize that as I compose this list it seems to be something that “older” black men have embraced.


Charles, you are so on point. I believe it's time to get over that macho posturing that makes brothers think it's un-manly to smile.
I noticed the same things on some pictures of my younger relatives at parties or in high school.
Smile brothers, smile...It will get you more dates, trust me, LOL


This man is beautiful

Lang B.

I agree with Charles.
We are attracted to this menacing angry image and then are shocked when we find out that they are in fact internally angry.
I will say it again, can we also ban black guys from wearing timbs. BORED. LOL!


LOL at Derrick's comments. Funny.

and I thought the same thing as Charles, hot guy but gimme a little smile or something! I mean, I've seen some Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson pictures where they have the "scowl" going on but they also have many other pictures with a nice smile (amongst other assets) that just makes 'em even more sexy.

Hopefully we'll see more of Mike where we'll get to see the pearly whites....

Thanks Rod

Eric in rthe Low Country

oOOOOOO put him in my cell


I agree with FF and Lang B. This is a gorgeous man but please he should smile. Omg i bet the sex is offdachain. A big ole stick that he knows how to use.


Oh and Derick I always love your wit. ;0

Black Man Not for Obama

I grew up up outside Boston and this was normal. Of course there are black lacrosse players, soccer players, tennis players etc.

Rod always reports these athletes like they are breaking news. It is patronizing.

Yet another reasojn I am no longer supporting this blog.


Black Man, you are really upset about this election. Take that Uncle Tom Cabin attitude elsewhere. and it doesn't sound liek you ever supported this blog.


Oh gawd, another black Republican begging for legitimacy.

Moving on to the real stuff ... Let me cosign brothers Charles and Nahatns. I love seeing a variety of black men excelling with their god given talents. We ARE kings and this hot young brotha is a fantasy and an inspiration.


Yes indeed. You can rest assured this big ole chocolate drop has a big ole chocolate stick.

Ten in My Timz

Very hot pics. Mike Banks is uber sexy.

Austin TX

Very inspiring story. Left the gang and got his life together. Very big and sexy. I like.

King Drive

Looks like fierce project trade from back in the day.


LOL at derrick and king drive. aint he hott


Oh my.

S. Flemming

ROTFL @ Derrick ... oh my God!


Cosign with Charles and Lang B. ENUF WITH THE TIMBS ALREADY!! It even reminds me of this trend I see in Black porn where they get naked EXCEPT for the Timbs! What the hell?!?

Now can somebody please explain to me why they photographed a gorgeous Black lacrosse player in front of an abandoned house? WTF?

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