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13 October 2008



Wow. What a pic and what an interview. Demarco Majors is so hot, sexy and a role model. I love that show.

Darren S

Demarco is just gorgeous. I wish he had more personality and lines on the show, tho. They concentrate too much on that silly silly Jamel.


Please. Jamel should be referred to as 'he who shall not be named.'


The La Opinion editorial caused some controversy because it directly challenged the evangelical and fundamentalist churches.

And thanks so much for linking to Andres. He has the best blog on gay Latino issues.


That is a great interview with Demarco. I love the fact that he is getting so much love, even from Beyonce.

Allen H

Wow. That photo of Demarco is incredible. He is beautiful. I wish there were more of him in the show.


Good call, Carlos. Props to Andres Duque really is a sharp blogger. I am black and Puerto Rican and often go to his blog for news on Latin America. Just like I come here for black gay related news.

Andres Duque

yikes. some blabbeando love on your site from people leaving comments. i am honored and moved (thanks rod for linking up as always)


LOL miss tires ass L.A. I ran out of that place 20 years ago because of those latinos. I found mexicans the strangest of all latinos. They made up the majority of the state and Los Angeles for the most part but had no political power whatsoever. Everytime Gov. Schwartzanazi does or says anything deroagatory he appears the next day in front of a cheering, waving, smiling of Mexicans. Strange people indeed.


Hey Andres. Several months ago I discovered your blog through Rod. You should be very proud. Keep up the great work.


Gurlene that is a very odd and disturbing comment. There are many prominent Mexican American politicians, civic leaders and businessmen in Los Angeles. Including the mayor and several notable congressmen. And I thought Scwarzenegger was a Republican and mostly elected through white votes.


I'm so surprised by how much attention Demarco is receiving considering that he doesn't receive a tremendous amount of airtime on the show, his story isn't particularly fascinating, and other members of the team are just as good-looking and have far more interesting personal narratives.

Even in 2008, light skin gets you ahead whether deserved or not. How shameful.

Rod Mc

Demarco isn't the most interesting character on that show. That would be Mike, Francis, Chris or Rory. But none of the characters are developed. IMHO I said this in his review.

I think Demarco is the best known, having been on tv and making the Out 100. The other cast members, besides Jamel, aren't doing press.

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