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01 October 2008



Well pardon my stupidity but if the AIDS virus was among chimpanzees since the dawn of time how is it that it only got transfered to humans in the 19th century? I mean SOME Africans had been eating chimps for the longest time afterall.

On a brighter note, I got an idea about what could be done to those attending the Kampala conference on homosexuality.


So...uh...the Pharrell crush is a couple of days old, huh?

Who is the kid so desperate to meet him, and what happened to him/her?

Sounds like a publicity stunt perpetrated for Das Diddy's "new" "reality" "show," available on basic cable, eh?


Not even sure what that comment above means ....

Moving along, that was a very ugly move on Arnold Schwarzengger's part. I suppose he is trying to curry favor with conservatives due to this push for a recall.

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