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09 October 2008



I'm happy to see the entire cast. And especially Darryl Stephen come out and get involved. Darryl Stephens and Noah are role models for me. I am femme and not very masculine and love the fact that Darryl's character spoke to me.


I wish I could hear or see the video. It's not showing up, But this Flickr is very nice, thanks.


Rodney Chester really needs to get a grip. It's not like anyone seriously believes he is straight and his entire fanbase are gay men, who are just as queeny as he is. He needs to just fess up and get over with it. Seriously.

Randy J

FQ, thanks for that comment. It was very much from the heart. Not everyone in our community is DL or thuggish. Thankfully Noah's Arc gives them a voice.

Derrick from Philly

Brave actors--not being afraid to stand up for something besides their careers (Atwood especially).

Roberto Lana

Randy, If you say the show gives a voice to trans or feminine acting black gay men, and one of the principal stars of the show is very feminine and refuses to come out, what is the point?

Then its just entertainment. Which is fine, but let's drop the 'community' this or that. You can't be pretend to be socially responsible and then hide under the 'it's just a show' banner.


Meh. Not really interested in this "film." I'll catch it on DVD the week after its in theaters.

Harry A

I'm with Derrick. I',m always happy to see actors and celebrities stand up for something besides a paycheck. I think these actors are very brave.


Harry and Derrick, what is so brave about this? Brad Pitt came out and gave 100 grand of his own money and is getting backlash around the world. Rodney Chester refuses to come out and talks about black gay men standing up and being proud.

Call me a cynic,but, I see nothing brave. Darryl has only played gay characters and Rodney has no career outside Noah's Arc. But I do heartily applaud Darryl for coming out and being a role model.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Darryl Stephens is brave and courageous!

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom will be incredible and groundbreaking in more ways than one. It's very important that these actors have lent their voice to the marriage equality struggle. The movie itself raises awareness on marriage equality.

Derrick from Philly

They're brave because black MOVIE actors (see, I got it right this time, Anti-believer) are notorious for keeping away from anything gay.

I gave special commendation to Atwood because he's the only main member of the cast who seems to be aiming at matinee idol (hetero sex symbol) roles.


there's a difference between flamboyant and feminine. Fem queens are soft and passive; flamboyant queens are loud and aggressive--they'll try to whup the sh,,t out of ya' (not you, darlin', folks in general).

Am I generalizin'?

Derrick from Philly

"... gave special commendation to Atwood because he's the only main member of the cast who seems to be aiming at matinee idol (hetero sex symbol) roles."

Ah, sh,t, let me straighten this out right quick: it's because he is seeking to be seen as a hetero movie/tv sex symbol ( just portraying a bisexual part) that he runs the risk of always being considered gay--and therefore, not suitable to black female fantasies. BUT, maybe...just maybe we're at a different level of...uh...acceptance. Maybe a MOVIE actor can be thought of as gay (by the public) and still seem sexy to women. Whatcha' think, Anti?


I'm glad the cast is speaking out on Prop 8. I donated online and if you have a few bucks please give what you can. The anti-gay folks have raised more money and therefore are running homophobic commercials filled with lies.

Gay marriage is not at the top of my list of priorities, but I would hate the gains we've made to be turned back.


'It's because he is seeking to be seen as a hetero movie/tv sex symbol that he runs the risk of always being considered gay--and therefore, not suitable to black female fantasies.'

Derick, when was the last time Jensen Atwood played opposite a woman? It probably was Halle Berry wayyyyy back when he did that movie. Sorry, but for the occasional role in a music video, Jensen is a full time gay for pay sex symbol.


Noah's Arc is a fantasy. The leading characters are all queenie and femme and have gorgeous, muscular masculine boyfriends. It's very much Prince Charming fantasy for the femme queens and ballroom queens in Ohio and Alabama.

I will catch the movie tho, and give Miss Patrik Polk some coin, because she is doing her thing. But let's be real. This is very much 'Girlfriends' meets James Earl Hardy.

Allen H

Two weeks before the movie is to be released and very little promotion. Very interesting.

Roberto Lana

Good explanation, Darryl. And no you weren't generalizing.

I agree with some of your points. But if we're going to parse the actors personas and separate roles from reality, then the question remains, if this is such a great thing for black gay men, why is Rodney Chester considered 'brave' or a 'role model' when he is simply being an actor on a publicity tour?


To Derrick:

your quote: "They're brave because black MOVIE actors (see, I got it right this time, Anti-believer) are notorious for keeping away from anything gay."

Well, majority of the characters to me are gay, so that doesn't fit. Denzel won't play gay. Many others will not except for Ving Rhame or however u spell his name. He did do a good jib playing a drag queen.

As far as playing gay and still having a woman fan base.... Will Smith somewhat fits that but women are in denial that he's gay. Which to me the only way to have a female base is to have fag hags and those in denial.

***Also note... I've never read anything stating Brad Pitt came out. Plus, with him having children with Angelino, he doesn't come off gay at all. I do know he claim he wouldn't married Angelino until gays had the same marriage rights as hetero, which sounds like he's gay. I think he very much might be gay cause hom and Clooney like doing films together.

As far as Rodney Chester... I heard they call him "momma" anyway. He's one person that can not pass off str8 even if he got "fish" on his arm. That's like Tyler Perry with Halle Berry... n*66a puhleze!


Great points Anti-Believer.

I never meant to imply Brad Pitt came out of the closet. That was just poor phrasing on my part, he 'stepped up to the plate' and gave $100,000 of his own money to fight Prop 8.

And yes, I do think Rodney Chester cannot play straight if he wanted to (neither could Tyler Perry) but the fact remains he has maintained he never said he was gay. Saying 'girl this' or 'chile that' or having people call him 'Momma' means very little to mean. Why not say he is gay? Or straight? If he wants to keep his business private, fine, stop dropping hints, taking them back and telling 'our commnity' what we 'need to do.'


I think it is positive for any cast to come out and support something outside of their show.

Rodney never said he wasn't gay. He asked who said he was, and things of that nature, but NEVER that he wasn't. He has the right to not tell people his business. Also, if a non-actor went the bar or other gay places, and consistantly talked about "our community", i.e. including himself with the word "our", wouldn't you automatically assume/know he is gay and just press on about it without making a major thing out of it? It's the same thing here. He is constantly letting people know he is gay, but he just doesn't want to have to put out a press release about it, just like anyone else. I'm not seeing the problem. He always includes himself in all the events and quotes. Listen to the Noah's Arc DVD Behind the scenes and other audio commetary. He's not trying to hide or anything, he just doesn't want to put a press release. I'm fine with that. Cynthia Nixon didn't put out a press release saying she was gay when she was performing in Sex and the City. Why are we requiring our people to, when they are out and about in plain site? It is not required of every Black gay male actor to be a role model.


To bill:

your quote "I think it is positive for any cast to come out and support something outside of their show."

Yes, that maybe true, but we talking about someone livelihood that requries consumers to purchase so he/she can make a living. GAY actors don't all come out cause it effects the money they make. Sometimes your career dries up, some make half of what they would make as a str8 actor, some have to go into seclusion and come back.

No one is required to tell their personal business but interviewers put actors on the spot which can be uncomfortable and disrespectful.

Rod Mc

Bill, if that comment was in reference to me, Rodney Chester has given several 'non denial' denials. It's has been, "I never said I was gay", or "I'm not going to say if I am gay or not."

I've never asked for actors or the cast members of this show to be role models. Many others, including readers of this blog, annointed these actors as role models. I've simply said it's a double standard to enlist actors as role models for the black gay 'community' who are reluctant to be honest about themselves. Otherwise they are just actors trying to promote their show or movie. You can't have it both ways.


Anti Believer, there is nothing disrespectful or uncomfortable about a reporter doing his or her job. Celebrity is something that you have to crave and go after. Actors know they will be asked questions. Jensen Atwood and other cast members have been honest. Even Darryl was honest when Rod interviewed him.

I mean seriously, what other roles are Rodney Chester playing? He basically is going to play momma bear for the rest of his career, or what little there is.


Rod, bless your heart but why are you even wasting time talking about this 'movie'? No one else is giving them air time, except the D list black gay bloggers who print every press release and video that Patrik Ian Polk sends them.

Seriously. I expected better of this blog.


To ATL kid:

WHAT? You said, there is nothing disrespectful about an interviewer asking personal questions to an actor? What kind of drugs are you on?

These actors we are discussing have a job in acting not there personal lives. This isn't a reality show, lil' kid. Reality shows are based on personalities... (i.e: Real World, Big Brother, I Love New York, Flavor of Love)

What fvcking planet is your mind on cause you don't have a clue?



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