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09 October 2008


Tony DR

"We can live as gay a life as we want to in Atlanta, but when it's time to go home for X-mas in Alabama or North Carolina or even California, we butch it up and hide the truth"

Except this isn't a 20 year club kid from North Carolina living in Atlanta. This is a grown man who MAKES A LIVING PLAYING A GAY CHARACTER ON TELEVISION. He is in Hollywoood. How dare you compare a televisiobn actor on GAY CABLE LOGO to some 21 year old closeted kid in the south.


Rod, I still think that Rodney Chester has the right to not be upfront about his sexuality. It is up to him to decide when, how, and what his terms are. He has the right to do non-denial denials until forever if he so wishes. That is his right. I still feel he is not trying to hide anything, he just doesn't want to have to put a press release out about it. And, like I said, I am fine with that. Again, it is his right

Regarding role models: It is one thing to put yourself forward as a role model, but quite a different thing to have others put you there. I don't of anyone on tv, or movies, music, any part of the entertainment industry, as role models. But that's me and I understand others point of view is different. My point is that Rodney Chester did not out himself forward as a role model, so he does not have to accept the position. If someone decides that their role model is a gay male who doesn't want to publicy come out and tell everyone he is gay, though obvious, then that's fine with me. There are a number of people in the entertainment industry who don't want to discuss their private lives in the press. He didn't ask to be a role model, nor is he interested in accepting the position. Why force him to? Maybe he and Charles Barkley have the same philosophy of "I don't want to be anybody's role model".


Oh, this is a cute laugh.

We have the anonymous blog commenters lecturing Rod McCollum on coming out, role models, responsibility and community. And they're siding with the gay actor who refuses to say he's gay but tells everyone else what they need to do as black gay men. And receives awards from black gay organizations but won't say he is gay. Because it is hard out there for 'black gay men in the entertainment industry.' What a joke.


Bill, that is an interesting story you are telling yourself.

I'd say hosting events, accepting awards, appearing in PSAs and going out in the 'community' to talk about 'supporting the community' qualifies as 'putting yourself forward.'

And Daniel is right. It's always amusing when the comments want to lecture Rod on role models and coming out. This thread has become amusing.


My point is simply this- Chester may be an actor on TV, but it doesn't change the fact that he is still just a man. And whether 21 or 51, the coming out process is a complicated and tricky one. I've personally never had issue with it. I came out when I started college. But on the flip side, my best friend, who is now almost 40, has never come out to his family. He's been with his partner for 12 years now. Do I think that's sad- sure. Silly, even. But that's his reality. So all this public judgement is what I'm objecting to. I just don't think it's a helpful debate. But nevertheless, that's what it is- a debate, not a lecture. We are all simply sharing our thoughts on the subject. Just because you disagree with my point, don't try to dismiss it as "lecturing Rod" on role models and coming out. That's very Sarah Palin of you, lol.

And Daniel, it's hard out there for black gay men EVERYWHERE- in entertainment or not. And THAT'S no joke.


No offense to Rafael, but yes it hard for black gay men out there everywhere, so why are you spending sooooo much time defending one black gay actor who has done nothing for our community besides play this role? It would be very nice if you devoted these many comments to gay-bashed transgendered youth, gay rights or the election.

I comment here several times a week and cannot recall seeing your name in any other thread. This is very typical. Whenever there is a Noah's Arc or Logo post, there are dozens of impassioned comments from people who parachute into this blog to only discuss Noah's Arc or Logo. Then we never hear them in any other posts, they just disappear into thin air, poof! Rafael, your comments would have more authority if you actually had some history discussing these issues.

Bill, ATL Kid, Anti Believer, Derrick from Philly, Carlos, all are regular commenters at this blog. And of course Rod has been in mainstream news and writing about black gay issues and gay rights for some time.


Sorry but I'm really tired of this convo. This was supposed to be about marriage equality and the good work Noah's Arc was doing to fight Prop 8. I appreciate them lending their time to the fundraiser but how in the heck did this come to be about Rodney Chester. He really is not that interesting.

CA is spot on. Without fail, whenever there is a post on "Noah's Arc", it is deluged with comments from people we never heard of before and who never respond to any other posts. That illustrates the point some of us are making. I don't know if it's Patrika Polk, Rodney Chester their MySpace fans or whoever, but it is clearly obvious someone is trying to pump up this made for DVD "movie" and influence opinion.

Now, "Rafael", please tell us which other threads you have commented upon? Or is this the first and only topic you found worthy of comment? Cuz if this is the only one topic you have ever commented upon at this blog, that speaks for itself.


Cat got your tongue, Rafael?

I guess I struck a nerve. As I said, like clockwork, whenever there is a post on "Noah's Arc", their fanbase will parachute into this blog, post dozens of comments on how important the show and actors are, talk about 'role models' and the 'community', and then poof! disappear. Never heard from before, never to be heard again unless it is "Noah's Arc"-related.

A "community" is more than one television show or movie, so please stop using that phrase to promote your DVD feature.

Since Rafael is speechless, I'll ask Rod. Does he have a history of commenting? Or is this his first time? If he is a regular commenter, I will apologize and say no more.


I still stand by my position as stated. A person does not have to put out a press release on their sexuality, regardless of what they are doing in the community. To me Chester putting out a story/press release about him being gay would be very Clay Aikens of him. Very crickets with a big "and?".
Supporting the community ,in whatever way, and being passionate about issues does not make, nor require you to be a role model. It makes you someone who cares. I don't need to know someone's sexuality to accept their help and caring. To me that's the bottom line.

Greg G

Yawn. Can we move along?

No one really is asking for a press release from Rodney Chester. I don't think anyone cares, to be honest.

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