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20 October 2008


Bryan Watkins

Yes indeed. November is looking very good.

Henry TW

From across the pond, here is hoping to an Obama victory. Good luck.

Derrick from Philly

It may go down as one of the greatest campaigns in American political history. And Slim Jim is extraordiary too. I didn't think so only nine months ago, but I know now that he is no ordinary man.

I guess I'll have to stop calling him "Slim Jim"--soon it will have to a more respectful "President Obama". Well, what about "President Slim Jim"?


this is fantastic...but, i hope obama can bring it home in november, despite the endorsement from powell and all, he still needs to impress those middle america voters who STILL.AREN'T.SEEING.HIM.PERIOD

and derrick: obama's campaign isn't great at all...very mediocre if you look at it. other democratic presidents have run stronger, and more powerful campaigns. of course, i'm well aware of your (ain't archives fierce, chile?) not liking Slim Jim because you deemed him not black enough and too educated for you to support him...

yet, like most obama monkeys, you flipped like a dead fish out of water, caught up in the obama hype.

very tacky. but, i hope you and the "chosen ones" step up to the plate and bring it november 4th...i know i will be.

Derrick from Philly

"....obama's campaign isn't great at all...very mediocre"

Bull. They about to make the impossible happen: a black man becoming president of the United States.

"....and more powerful campaigns. of course, i'm well aware of your (ain't archives fierce, chile?) not liking Slim Jim because you deemed him not black enough and too educated for you to support"

Liar. Even Rod had to chide me on wanting "a safe white male" as the Democratic nominee. That was back when I wanted both Obama and Hillary to get the f..k out the way so we Democrats could win the White House. I was wrong, and now I'm a happy happy Obama Monkey. What are you?

Ryan, you were ruthless when you "read" Luther about using two different posting names on Rod's blog. Where's you mid-western integrity.

(Hee hee hee...I knew my over-praising of Obama and Obama's Campaign would get this reaction from a particular poster. Sometimes it's fun being bitchy....when you're winning)


sorry boo, i'm not ryan. clearly, your old age "dementia" is setting in...

but, if you need me to be someone i'm not, so be it. i'm all for it, derrick.

but, it still doesnt change the fact that you are a johnny come lately and just won't admit it.

it's ok...most of us are. deal with it.

Derrick from Philly

"....it still doesnt change the fact that you are a johnny come lately and just won't admit it."

Didn't I just say that, "That was back when I wanted both Obama and Hillary to get the f..k out the way so we Democrats could win the White House. I was wrong..."

Talk about dementia. You can't even remember what somebody just posted.

But I'm tired of playing Alexis and Dominique today (remember them, youngster?) This is a joyous time, Shaynaynay. Us Culled folks is 'bout to make history, Miss Ohio Thaing!

Derrick from Philly

Don't ask me what "Culled folks" is/are. I keep forgetting one of the essential lessons on the blogs: if you're be cute and write in dialect/vernacular, then learn how to spell, fool. Let me try it again.

We African-Americans with the help of other righteous thinking Americans are about to make history, my dear friends....and Miss Ohio Thaing.

Silva Rivera

I am so excited about Obama's election. I was a Hillary supporter and will proudly vote for Barack Obama. YES WE CAN.

Rod Mc

Derrick and Shade Tea:

Play nice, boys. Shade Tea's IP address is California. Unless Ryan is now living on the West Coast (?) they are not the same person.

There were problems with two veteran commenters posting rude comments under different aliases. That is another story.


hey everyone...

thanks Rod...

Derrick: i think you are highly disrespectful. this isn't the first time you accused me of being someone who didnt agree with you, or in your eyes, attack you over some point.

i don't live on the west coast, and i do find you problematic for accusing me of being an another poster...when this is really all yet another need for you to be passive aggressive and just admit that you have issues with me...

the many names you've called me...and i have just ignored you--mainly because of the simple fact that you bring NOTHING to any of the posts you pop up in, plain and simple.

you have a problem with me? my email address is easily accessed...grow a pair and use it.

but, accusing me of being shadetea...do better.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Derrick....its a mistake anyone can make...Miss Shade Tea is very rude and so is Miss Ryan. So much anger at Senator Obama and Mr. Patrik Ian Polk.

You know, strong black men who have actually DONE something for the community.

Mad Professsah

And notice they didn't announce his 150 million haul until the 19h of October when they would have had 18-19 days of $5 million per day fundraising (possibly). I bet he raised between 75-100 million in October also.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Rod,

I guess I've gotten a little paranoid in my over zealous enthusiasm for President Obama (maybe a little over confident too).

SHADE TEA & RYAN, I apologize. I wish the best for both of you. I hope you both get all that y'all deserve in this life...starting with election night.

Noah Fan 4 Life, sometimes we have to be strong against demonic forces...and evil twins.

Seriously, Rod:
Ryan Shade Tea keep me laughing. Please understand that I don't ever want to abuse your hospitality on this blog, and I appreciate it when you let me/us know when we've gone too far in personal insults and name-calling. I'm too old for this foolishness anyway.

When will these younguns' understand that they they may know how to "throw shade", but they can NEVER compete with an old queen when it comes to the art of "reading"...never.

Why won't they just let me worship my new president in peace?

And prayers for my new president's grandmother's health.


but derricka:

who are you reading? no one....it's been clear since day ONE that anti-believer, myself, shade tea, and ANYONE here--which is EVERYONE--who doesnt agree with you or has a comment about your bizarre, random, and clueless posts, reads you ALL.THE.TIME. and the most you can come up with is immature insults and name callings...

i mean, really, CAN you bring it?

besides, we all know you only sweatin obama cause he half white...werk that one out, ok?

Derrick from Philly

"but, accusing me of being shadetea...do better."

Don'tchu' like her?


it's not a question of me liking her or him or they at all...

it's a simple issue of the matter that you made some quantum leap of idiocy in linking the two of us together...

how did you work that out in your sense of logic, derricka?

do tell...

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Shade Tea is obviously very biter she couldnt get work on Noah's Arc. That is why she has a personal grudge against Mr. Polk and his films! I don't understand why Miss Thing and Miss Ryan oppose Sen. Obama.

Maybe its all successful black men they hate.


Why isn't anyone talking about the unethical and illegal campaign contributions Obama is receiving from off-shore accounts under the names of Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson, and Saddam Hussein?

Investigate McCain, too.

Let's see where this money is REALLY coming from.

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