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07 October 2008


S. Flemming

All of this is very disturbing. Hopefully it will backfire on them ... because she is not turning people's eyes away from the fact she does not know a damn thing.


What's most disturbing about this isn't how unspeakably evil it is. (This is politics, after all.) It's how clever the whole thing is.

Think about it: Sarah Palin is intoduced as a "fiesty, but naïve" newcomer to the national stage. She impresses people with her energy, her "spunk," while simultaneously using a series of apparent gaffes and missteps to lower expectations sufficiently that the fact that she merely didn't collapse onstage during the debate actually had conservative AND liberal commentators claiming she performed well. (Would the same debate performance have been considered passable for Hillary? Or for *any* male candidate?)

Now she is perfectly positioned. Anything she does is written off to her inexperience. She just "doesn't know any better."

Oh, she knows better. She knows that she's been set loose to rabble-rouse and no one will attack her for it. She knows she can now say the things that other people thought it wasn't acceptable to say out loud. Not in public, anyway.

Mark my words, things are only going to get uglier from here on out. And it's all according to plan...


This is very scary. There are still some twisted hardcore racists in this country who will take the cries of "kill him" as a green light to attempt to harm Obama. Have you also noticed that as of this writing, neither McCain nor Palin have publicly attempted to distance themselves from that type of vitriol?

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