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01 October 2008


Wil Lavender

I saw as well on CBS last night. The thing is with people who don't agree with being gay or they believe it is a choice, always have at least one gay friend. In that case if all the people in the world that hates gays or don't agree have one gay friend don't you think that the views that they have would change since they love their BFF?

S. Flemming

Not necessarily Wil. And it is sad.

People like her are, in my opinion, tolerant but not accepting - there is a difference between the two, I think. I am willing to bet she has all kinds of restrictions on her levels of intimacy with this so-called friend that she does not place on her straight friends. And that is what those who aren't comfortable with gays and lesbians but count them among friends and family do. She probably won't discuss her friend's partners or go around her friend's friends. She probably lets her kids have very limited access to this friend ... so on and so forth.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I know these Palin types. I have them in my family and I've worked with them.


I personally do not believe that being gay is a choice, however, Palin's view that being gay is a choice (by itself) does not necessarily make her anti-gay.

Sheryl Swoopes, the female professional basketball player who came out as a lesbian several years ago, said that being gay for her was a choice. Some tried to make something negative out of Swoopes' position, but she mostly received support for coming out especially since she's still an active player.

Having a friend (or family member)who is gay or lesbian is a first step towards tolerance/acceptance for most straight people. That's why it's so important for gays and lesbians to be "out" with their straight friends and family. Those friends and family members you can't be openly gay with are individuals you probably don't need in your life.


I guess the point I meant to make was that even if it was proven beyond a doubt that being gay is NOT a choice, the homophobes would STILL discriminate against us. Proof: It was an obvious fact that black people were born black but did that stop the white racists from enslaving, segregating, lynching, etc., them for centuries? No.

Kevin Perez

You do realize arguments like that cause Anti-gay hysteria within the Black community, especially in the West Indies?

African Americans and those from the Carribean, even native Africans, will always aruge and express their ''disgust'' about gays comparing their struggles to theirs and how Homosexuality is a sinful choice and those who are victims of homophobia are suffering the consquences of their sinful ways.

Don't forget that Homosexuality, according to Jamaicans and other extreme Afro-Centric beliefs, was a product of European Imperialism, but then again, wasn't their faith in God and Allah the same thing too? So why the constant Bible/Koran thumping

Nathan James

Here we go again! It's appalling that Governor Palin displays her ignorance and bigotry so blatantly. OTOH, perhaps we should be glad she does--we know who we are voting FOR, now Palin reminds us who (and what) we must vote AGAINST.


I didn't choose to be gay anymore than she chose to be functionally retarded.

C. Baptiste-Williams

I didn't think they came dumber the Bush 43 but every time she opens her mouth his approval rating with me goes up.


Really ELG?

All the research done and published by the American Psychological Association on the subject aren't convincing enough?

I'm pretty sure you mean well but tolerating their intolerance is a self inflicted death sentence. And you're right, we'd still find an excuse to reject and vilify one another despite what science proves. So yes, this stance makes her a bigot and a very dangerous one at that considering her support of reparative therapy for someone at that high a level. No?

Lang B.


Rod Mc

ELG You're confusing the issue. I never said Palin's belief that sexuality was a "choice" made her "anti-gay." I linked to a number of previous posts at this blog and other media which documents Palin's long term opposition to gay rights.

Unless would describe someone as "pro gay rights" if they are against marriage equality and oppose extending employment, housing and hate crimes protections to gays?


shabaka: There are gays/lesbians, especially lesbians, who think they are gay by choice. Are they wrong for thinking this?

I thought the jury was still out in the scientific community about whether being gay is a choice or not. In any case, my larger point was that the rabid homophobes will discriminate REGARDLESS of what the scientific community says. If the scientific community comes to a consensus (if it hasn't already) that being gay is NOT a choice, the homophobes will accuse the scientists of "liberal bias" (you know this!) and discriminate ANYWAY.

rod: I didn't say that Sarah Palin was not a homophobe. The first sentence in my initial comment indicates I didn't think Palin's belief that being gay is a choice BY ITSELF made her anti-gay. If Palin has OTHER views about homosexuality I wasn't aware of (until now) that ARE anti-gay, so be it. I'm certainly not surprised, after all she's one of those so-called God loving, conservative Republicans.

Phat Boy

Palin is stupid with such a comment. Did she "choose" to have a nasal voice? Did she "choose" to be straight? Did she "choose" to have a Downs Syndrome child to grow in her womb? No.

Yes, some people do "choose" to be gay. However, the vast majority of gays and lesbians DO NOT choose to be gay/lesbian.

Just because her "best friend" may have chosen to be gay, it doesn't mean all gays choose it. For the vast majority of us, it is natural. Also, maybe her friend was gay all along and decided to come out.

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