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20 October 2008



General, you are my newest hero. If he's offered a cabinet post, I hope he accepts and is able to put behind him being lied to (weapons of mass destr.) by the previous administration.


I am glad that Powell was very clear in his reasoning and examples of why he is endorsing Obama. People will still say stupid things like "It's just because they're both black." One can't escape such stupidity so easily, however, his clear wording will enable others to follow him in his Obama endorsement, and they can utilize his professional reasoning. Politicians can't say/believe he was doing because he was angry or anything useless like that. I'm sure the spinning of his words have begun, but I do believe it will be a little harder.


This happens time and time again from the Obamabots. This is the Colin Powell who people have blasted for lying about the WMDs. Now he endorses Obama and gets praised to high heaven.


Colin Powell was given the same lies and faulty data we were all given. It's a stretch to call that lying. He crossed party lines to back Obama. Isn't crossing party lines what McLame has been braggin' about at every debate? Powell put words to action.

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