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29 October 2008


King Drive

Heterosexuals have made a mockery out of marriage with rampant adultery, divorce rates approaching 50%, multiple divorces and remarriages, 37% of children born out of wedlock (much higher in some minority communities), and so on and so forth. The notion that it still retains any semblance as an institution to the religious ideals of old is a laugh. Such people have no business casting juedgment on gay people and our right to commit legally with the full rights entailed therein. If we had true separation of church and state, marriage as a religious concept wouldn't be recognized and sponsored by the government. It is, and therefore denying gay people as taxpaying citizens the right to marry is a hallmark of inequality.

Thomas M

I'm sorry but I couldn't give a fat rat's #### about the "institution of marriage". Heterosexual diminished any value that that institution had a very long time ago with adultery (which by the way is one of the original commandment DONTS), and multiple marriages and divorces. Marriage doesn't mean a damn thing these days. Just check out the divorce rate. People are so hypocritical when it comes to this issue. I'm not Gay but I do believe that homosexuality is nature, not nuture. I don't discriminate in any way against gays because I would hate to have been born with that burden. However, noone will ever get me to say that homosexuality is not a sin because my Bible says a man shouldn't lie down with a man and a woman shouldn't lie down with a woman. My Bible also say that I don't have the right to judge, so accept the person while condemning the act. As for Ministers and Churches that turn away Gays, as long as I can look at a minister in the pulpit that's sleeping with 3 or 4 different women in the congregation and I don't judge him, neither should he be judging anyone. They are not above sin themselves.


Sorry to interrupt this fascinating exchange of personal insults and images of sexual deviance and confusion, but the gist of this news story is being missed. There are strong indications that a substantial number of Obama voters in California will also vote for Proposition 8. It can be taken for granted that a majority of McCain voters will also vote for Proposition 8. The numbers that I have seen in the LA Times indicate that the Yes on 8 crowd is winning the money race in California as well. A large percentage of No on 8 money is coming from outside California. Californians seem to support marriage equality. This is good news, but only if voters make their voice heard.



I guess ole Mormon Mitt got quiet. Wonder why lol

xavier greene

The question is, where is the great Obama in all this? Why doesn't he speak out against this discrimination? ...

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