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09 October 2008


Derrick from Philly

They can spend all this time checking the "validity" of voters' registrations, but can't make the machines work on Election Day.

Well, the Barack Campaign has all that money. They better spend it on some legal action right quick.


Hopefully this story will catch the attention of the right people so that they can get on it. Obama needs to jump on this like he did with the politicians trying to use the mortgage closures as reason to kep people from voting. Which we know are people of color in a higher percentage.


The removal has to do more with getting people that don't exist off the rolls. Acorn has registered thousands fraudulently. There is no law that says you have to allow voter fraud.

Stephaun Clipper Wallace

Very interesting.....I kept hearing murmurs of these events; thanks for putting this out Rod!



Gods know ACORn has done everything above board. THe raids and investigations are just republican racism.

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