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07 October 2008



sexy red devil..

Roberto Lana

Freeleo is right. TI is a sexy lil MFer.


That photography is fabulous and the fashions are too too sexy. TI is thug sexy with his lil gun toting self.


I really don't get in for TI. But Flaunt isn't setting it off with their editorials.


Pint sized butch queen. I see him all the time down here. Meh.

On the other hand, Long Nguyen and Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca are SERVING the children.

CD Wright

This is a great photo shoot. I love the black and white.

Rod, why do you always get the Flaunt previews? I've only seen them here and occasionally at Towleroad.


TI is hot and he is hardly a butch queen. I think you are just jealous, Atl Kid.


'Rod, why do you always get the Flaunt previews? I've only seen them here and occasionally at Towleroad.'

'Cuz this blog is everything, sweets, at least for the black gay. The editors at Flaunt are not stupid.

This preview is FIYAH. TI is the epitome of thug realness and no not a pint sized BQ lol.


TI does absolutely nothing for me...although the pictorial is nice.


That coat at the top is just sick. And I'm with Christian, TI does nothing for me but the clothes and photography are wonderful.


These pictures are fabulous and I am living for the Commes des Garcons.


I think TI is cute as f**k.

I admit one thing, he needs to eat and lift heavy weights cause he is "Somalia skinny". If you would drop his ass in Somalia he would fit right in. I think they might give him their food.

Anyway, I've met this red-bone in person and I wanted to kidnap him but Tiny would've jumped me on the spot.

He is so cute even when he looks mad. Very attractive to me. If he put on 50 pounds of muscle, he would be one of the finest rapper ever.


A. Ronald

Rod, this pictorial is hot ta death. I LOVE IT. I am looking for a Flaunt in the morning, loves me some TI.


TI IS handsome but as a convicted felon he got in trouble a while back for illegally having firearms. Did he somehow get out of that situation?


He goes to jail in 2009.


Somalia skinny? Well, we see ignorance comes out on all websites. Famine is nothing to laugh at...

Phat Boy

TI is such a handsome brotha, but he's just too petite for my tastes.

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