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23 October 2008


Ten in My Timz

Tiger Tyson does a lot of CATCHING in his personal life. Those who have seen him at the Magic Touch and Stellas will remember.


Was this article really necessary? I personally don't see what is cute about a now has to be 40-something year old man curling his lip up and talking out of the side of his mouth like a thug when in reality he is one of the wealthiest minority porn stars out there. Enough already.


Oh, there are a lot of folks still in love/lust with Tiger (he does little for me, but I have friends who are Tiger-ites) He gets points for longevity in the business and a certain amount of savvy to take control of his image and create his own company. Not many black/Latino stars have been able to do that. And there remain far too few Men of Color in the "Porn Hall of Fame" (and shame on them for that!)

BTW: I remember in one of his early Enrique Cruz films with Malice (...where is HE now?...) it looked as though Tiger was about to bottom but didn't, so this 'revelation' about his origins doesn't come as too much of a surprise to me.


I like me sum Tiger


I have never seen Tiger Tyson have sex without a condom in any of his movies and I have so much respect for him for that. Any accolades he gets are well deserved.

Lang B.

I mean porn has it's purpose and I have viewed many in my day, but I wish black/latino brothas would find a more constructive ways of making a living- he is too cute.

Call me strange but I get a little disheartened when I see uber beautuful brothas in porn.
We need more love play scenes in porn over this f-me like a dog and treat me like crap type of sex OVERLY promoted in blatino porn.


gurlene, what was that? This brother is an entrepreneur. He still manages to appear healthy and vibrant in an industry that can suck the life out of you; literally. He ventured into merchandising. He owns at least part of the production company that makes his and other films. He also only practices safer sex in his films. What's not to like? Even if you don't like porn, you have to respect him as a businessman.


lang b, i totally agree with you. It bothers me also but if porn is your profession of choice Tiger is a shining example of how to take control of your image and manage your career.


Freeleo what that was was exactly what you read. It is all the same in those movies. N word this. N word that. No story worth a damn nor ever do you see outside shots. There is no creativity. The camera angles are fked. How many times have you just wanted to choke the damn cameraman who can't get a creative shot. Just look at some of the aZz on some of those boys. I mean really.

The only things required nowadays are two people willing to be filmed have sex, condoms if you choose, internet access, and a $100 camcorder and away you go. Instant pornsite. Am I right or wrong? I am completely turned off to that. Though I do wish him, Bobby Blake, Ty Lattimore and the rest all the best in their porn business adventures.

As far as those lost nickle and dime azz actors who sell themselves in the village or at gay porn expos for whatever they can get, that's a different and pathetic story. I find it hard to believe many a director had to have a bouncer on the set. Take care.


I meant to say I don't find it hard to believe many a director had to have a bouncer on the set because of the types he had to deal with. I bet Tiger is going to write and interesting book one day.


you didn't make any of those points in your first post. i agree with a lot of what you said in the second one although i don't think the editing is as bad in tiger's films. i do get tired of the n word being thrown around and very little affection shown on film. with that said, there is very little creativity in any porn and i still think tiger is the best in the business as for as black porn goes.

Kevin Perez

Tiger Tyson is sexy freakin sexy! Wish he was taller than me, though....




Bobby Blake retired years ago and became a reborn Christian. He denies that he is gay. He claims his church knows about his past but I guess they believe he's changed.


@anti-believer. I heard the same thing. A friend of mine showed me one of those thug video clip sites where if he is not the owner he sure as hell is endorsing it. I am sure (or at least hope he does) he checks from time to time to see if his image is being used.

I read his book and was sorry to hear about the downward spiral my favorite "Richard Reyes" life went but these things do happen unfortunately. I hope he is still with us though. The last movie I saw him in had me knowing before the book what had happened to him. He was an outright flaming queen in it and it did not look like he was acting the part. It was really sad to watch. He looked every bit of a drugged out mid-thirty something queen with nothing but a now faded porn career to try to fall back on.

I ran into Randy Cochran in Baltimore and within 2 mins got sorry I said hello. He really does think he is white and before I left the bar I was told by several people there he can memorize your ID, credit card and so forth with the blink of an eye.

As I said though, those who make a business out of it I wish all the best of luck. Maybe one day they can make a documentary about the thug porn business itself.

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