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08 November 2008



I want Palin to be elected president so that only white, straight, poorly educated, staggeringly self-confident, Neiman-Marcus–shopping women who have sworn their lives over to Mammon (whom they address as “Jesus”) will be allowed by law to marry.


hmmm thatd be interesting to say the least


Remember that in the minds of many conservatives they never fail. Just look at Bush-- he still will not admit a single mistake. Why should his (very few) followers be any different?


Wow, they are going to keep right on going further to the right and a party for only certain people. Sad, but, when you have one issue, hate as the platform, it seems natural. And, they still didn't learn, the public as a whole does not want the divisivness of a Palin and those that love her. But, its still early, and, by 2012, who knows who will be the next 'savior' of the right wing.

I guess the GOP just isn't a party for the women like the two Senator's from Maine, moderates.

Robert  Laity

Jim probably wants to marry another man.

Robert  Laity

Democrats are Immoral.Obama the leader of the cabal.

Jose Martine

Robert Laity must be one of the many new undercover homosexualists here. skip the articles, bobby, make a beeline for the MEN category or the gay.com or thugboys ad. Mmmmm Mmmmmmm


Again, for the first time in Presidential election history nearly 1 in 3 gays votes Republican (oddly in the year of the first Black major party candidate)--thus exercising their legal right to vote. Oddly, when Blacks, who are disproportionately Christian in Cali do the same, there is a hue and cry in the gay land. Why would you expect Christians to vote for gay marriage? Better yet, why did you fail to do any activism in the Black community? I guess white gays thought the Black vote wasn't equal to the white vote. They found out the hard way. And in response, gay activists are slinging racial slurs and attacking Blacks. Weren't they just using the Black Civil Rights precedent and discourse as the basis for their argument up until last Tuesday? My how time and racism flies...also why is there not the same anger towards their white Christian counterparts that actively campaigned against gay marriage and raised millions to defeat the bill? Because they are racists.


I can't help but to entertain this. Can you all imagine her actually cinching the 2012 Republican candidacy, and possibly running against Obama in the presidential elections? It is unbelievable, scary even.

Matthew Rettenmund

I hope she wins that nomination. She is the future of the Democratic party if she does! :0)


Jose Martine, you got that right.

Just as Mr. Laity wants some two-bit thug ruling over him in the White House, he probably wants some two-bit thug lording over him in the bedroom.

Masochism in the political sphere and masochism in the sexual sphere often go hand in hand.


That poll is wrong. There is no way white people are that stupid.

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