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20 November 2008


Darren S

Oh I will help Louis Smith. C'mon over to the US, I am sure the brothers would love to give him some 'support.'


that young man is just PHINE. i wish i did have the money, i would gladly write him a check or two. maybe he will model in his tight uniform lol

Ten in My Timz

As Florida Evans says, "Dayumn, dayumn, dayumn!"


i would LOVE to help out...in more ways than one


What ever that baby needs... tell him to call me...


I wish I had some deep pockets. He could reach down in them and see what he could find.


He can sent on my stiff support


Rod, I know you meant no disrespect, but your headline trivializes this important issue. Just look at the comments so far.

taylor siluwe

oh lighten up, Blackki ...
There is only but so much we can do anyway. Anyone who could really help the situation would do so.

As for the rest of us, a little lascivious levity is in order for a delicious morsel like Mr. Smith.

[shameless trivialization alert!!]

Brotha man could make serious money if he charged people to watch him train. Especially if we could watch it via the internet. Mmmmm ... And we could send IM's with nasty suggestions -- "Do that split again!" -- "Can you put on a thong?" -- "What's up with the shower cam?"

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