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05 November 2008


Grambling State

Fizz is a fool and a has been. Omarion had all the talent and he is jealous.


one of the most pathetic videos i have ever seen. i guess in his own warped mind lil fiz believes he is keeping it real.

Marvell T

LIL Fizz is a little to OLD to call himself LIL.


The classic case of prettyboy trade. He definitely fcks with homos, if he was hanging out with Chris Stokes.



Red Bone

ROFLAMO @ "plus-sized sockpuppet"

iS it just me or do these has been rappers always have a sidekick when they make these silly "diss videos"

what a waste


darn rod. i wish you had kept to the highs of the day before returning to business as usual. it's such a glorious day. i just wanna keep singing zipadidoodaa just a little bit long....


Lil Fizz never had any talent. He has a sexy voice and very nice to look at but it obvious why this boy never made it big. Hating on Omarion in a You Tube video will not help his carerr.

Howard U Freshman

Methinks this is a delayed response to that whole Chris Stokes thing. But Lil Fizz probably feels the need to clear his name. He and Omarion were the sex symbols of the group and he had his shirt off just as much as O.

Derrick from Philly

Made for the cell block....plump botties and all.


All I have to say is thank God I have no clue as to who this child is.


Poor little butch queen. He wants some publicity too.

Baltimore Femme

OMG you linked to those underwear photos. HOW YOU DOING MISS FIZZ .... LOL


What a beautifl sexy young man. And the minute he starts talking you have to tune him out. What a waste.


what did shakespeare say, 'methinks the lady doth protest too much'

and i do mean LADY


Well. After this I am sure Omarion will not be returning Lil Fizz's calls.


Somebody clearly needs to stop pulling on the glass d--k.


oh so now Fizz wants to act brand new like we don't know what happened with Chris Stokes.....Fizz was one of his favorites


LiL Fizz does not sound hardcore doing this. He sounds desperate like he has something too hide. Good riddance, girl.

girly girl

i feel kind of bad for him . yeah he is a jerk and probably should never speak again . but i think a hole lot of PEOPLE have forgotting he was cheated out alot of money and 4 YEARS of his teenage years and may have gotten raped. I think he's mad , jealous, hurt and a whole lot other things .

and for Omarion . you are a jerk as well and a backstabber . 3 of your best friends who you ate with who you hung out with and lived with you for 5 years . but you chose MONEY and FAME over 3 best friends you knew your whole life and proably do anything for you . EVEN BARNEY THE DINASOUR KNOWS THAT IS SCREWED UP. lol. The first thing they teach you in pre school is friendship and how special it is . dumbass

and ME . I would love to KNOW what really happen to B2K . I know they said it was money problems but that dosn't make any darn since . when i my mother tryed to get me b2k tickets for my birthday they where sold out and my mother wasn't going to buy 200 dollar tickets to see some little boys sing on stage . somethig went DOWN and there not telling the truth . AND ME WHO HAS BEEN A FAN WAS HURT WHEN THEY BROKE UP . they gave some sorry ascues for why they broke up.


NO WAIT . i have on more thing to say . i was reading about the chris STOKES thing in a magazing couple days ago .

and (OMARION SAID : chris would hit us in the chest sometimes when we did something wrong or said something wrong in interview :)


on more thing


Darren S

how is omarion a backstabber he is pursuing his own career. fizz is a HATER

girly girl

omarion clowned lil fizz and the rest of b2k. omarion deserves every type of karma

Darren S

what does 'clowned' mean , omarion didnt 'do' anything besides be able to sing better, some of you girls need to be able to get over these lil b2gay boyz

Avery H

Well this all goes to show you that a pretty face and smile can always hide an ugly personality. Lil Fizz is reduced to making diss videos on tired hip hop sites. Omarion makes big screen movies. And the gays like Omarion because he is not stupid enough to insult his audience.

Redondo Beach

Oh this is funny, Lil Fizz is trying to pretend he is thugged out. He looked NOT VERY STRAIGHT in those hotel room underwear photos with RAZ, OMARION and BOOG.....

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