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05 November 2008


Ten in My Timz

lol @ jean


This is so disgusting and dumb. Hopefully, Obama's election will trigger some latent section in their brains to have them act civilized, instead of like the stereotypes they are.-QH


Why so many black gay men are so facinated with thug garbage of this type is beyond me. This guy will not come to a good end. He will end up in jail or dead. The video was creepy to say the least.


Saw this yesterday, but am justing posting about it today. Lil' Fizz sounded dumb as hell. He said, "I don't f--- with faggots?" That's a very ingorant statement. Omarion and Raz-B were his bandmates, friends (?) for a minute, 'til the group tanked. Ah! Let me digress. I can't stand ignorance.


Sorry, I quoted Lil' Fizz wrong. He said, "I don't f--- with homos." In any event, Fizz is a douchebag.



Tony DC

Lil Fizz... am I really reading a post about Lil Fizz. This dude ain't relevant.

love the blog but this post is kinda corny


Omari is pure talent. But what i dont get is he(fizz) been sayin that good job on o and performance o and even was in his 2006 entourage video Omari is far from gay. its a shame what money can do they were young when that happened and he talkin stupid. Its makes you think when i was younger i loved b2k thought they were the perfect boys and know we older fizz trues sides comin out. He aint gon do shit but beg to be on Omari's next album if Omari would have said yea write a song for me he would feel better. HOW HE GON TALK ABOUT RAZ-B BEING GAY AND JUST DID A 2O08 B2K SONG WITH HIM. he mad cause aint no body buyin that shit about them comin back Omari not a backstabber but smart as in do you O dont hate fizz you lil bright thug wannabe Forget him dont diss Omari and raz cause you cant get nowhere. then nigga had the nerve to say that IM POPULAR THAT WHY BITCHES STAY ON MY DICK! like are you serious you so popular BROKE, AND GOT TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE TO GET NOTICIED yea girls want that. The only thing he got goin for him is his looks personally even before this i never really liked him i didnt hate him but he wasnt the one i fantazied about but alot of girls did and in a minute hes not going to have his looks the way he talkin cocky its so unattractive

Lil Fizz Wifey

Yall Need 2 Get Real
iit"Z All Bout;Lil Fizz
&& J Boog WTF iis Yall Say"N
Yew Freak"Zn Homo Bishes


Yall oooooo what the fuck iz yall talkin bout let him talk about who he want 2 dont worry bout him do wat yall do J BOOG && LIL FIZZ ALL DAY FUCK WAT YALL HATERZ GOTTA SAY N DAT NIGGA GON KEEP HIZ LOOKZ TIL DA DAY HE DIE Y U TALKN BOUT HIM GET OF HIZ COCK LET UM BREATH

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