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04 November 2008



Happy is not the word, darn happy is more like it! All I can think about are my grandparents who were told they could not vote unless they paid a 'poll' tax and all those men and women who gave their lives for the right to vote. My tears of joy are for them and all people who have been marginalized by some when it comes to voting in a democracy.

I don't know what O will do in office, but, as a black man, and proud American, this is truly a special night.

And, thanks Mr Rod for your updates :-).


What an amazing day!


LOL I still don't believe it.




Congratulations America. I don't know where you are going, but you are on your way.

Mike in Bermuda.



Fox news seemed so unusually quiet...



I have hoped and prayed that this day would come. This is the dawn of a new era in history.


I voted for the first time in my life today. I never felt the need or desire before now but i am glad i was part of history.


I waited one hour to vote and would have gladly gladly waited another hour. This was a great victory for everyonbe.

walker z

today is an epic day. i waited in the rain to vote for barack obama and i will save and frame my vote card.

and rod thanks for the live blog earlier. you always do stuff like that and never get the props.

yes we can!

Henry TW

Henry from London here.

Congratulations and wishing you Americans the best. Baracak is the best man for the job, his colour makes him only more honourable.


yes, you all are very happy, you have your president. racism will
not disappear.

good luck

Roberto Lana

And such a handsome man too, god bless our nation and god bless barack and michelle obama


Obama at his core is such a decent person, he is genuine and so is Michelle. We are truly lucky tonight.

Allen H

Free at last, free at least, thank God almight we are free at last!

M. Mark

great live blog and recap, i am just happy to witness history

and GWM, you are not raining on our parade, girl. Sorry that McCain didn't win, but no need to be bitter

Grambling State

I feel great.

This is the first time I voted and also volunteered for a campaign. It was wonderful to meet so many people and travel across the state. I am getting good and drunk right now ...


Even FLORIDA went for Barack. YES WE CAN PEOPLE

Timothy B

You know what is so special is the fact that those two little black girls will grow up in the White House.


''GWM'' you and every other gay conservative must be having a fit right now, poor deluded queens

Red Bone

I love the Obama family. Strong black man, strong black woman, two beautiful princesses. The new black baby lol

Gio Brindisi

Barack Obama es un Magnifico!

Quniton M

Rod great election coverage, just wanted to tell you. you have been one of the best sane voices thanks.


I'm even more proud to be an American


Great Coverage! And what an AMAZING evening! It was such an honor for me to be apart of this historic election!

Rod can I ask if there was any specific reason for you to use his middle name is your intro?

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