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24 November 2008


Not a Fan

Rod you can GO TO HELL you don't know what Beyonce did or how close they are. BEYONCE DOESN'T OWE JENNIFER ANY DAMN THING.

Grambling State

beyonce is a no talented hater all those looks and publicity and no oscar ...

and most of her deranged fans are haters too


^^^^^it just would have been nice if beyonce would have call or written hell did she send flowers at least, shame shame shame,
oh well she is busy promoting her album, she doesnt have time for anything else i guess


Yes Beyonce is entirely too busy promoting her album and movie and stealing dance movies from 'the children'. Please don't bother her.

Not a Fan


ROD I am sick of you always cutting everybody on the sly. You and these hateful mofos can GO TO HELL.

Bring It On

well...if beyonce couldnt call.....at least sasha could have..LMFAO. I was a big beyonce fan... but now she just getting on my nerves. Yes she is very busy and we all understand that...but it takes two seconds to say call Jennifer and tell her I send my condolences and prayers....she couldve gotten her assistant, her mother, her father, her sister, or her husband, to call on behalf of her, the knowles-carter clan. But I guess Ms. FIERCE....didnt think about it. They do not have to be best friend....Im quite sure a lot of us hit her up on myspace and sent our condolences and we dont know her..and never will..it was just a terrible situation that you have to send your love to. SHAME ON YOU BEYONCE/SASHA WHOEVER YOU MAY BE TODAY.

South Side

I think thats really messed of her not to reach out to Jennifer. If the tables were turned I bet Jennifer would've done the same for her; that goes to show who her character really is.


awww. that's not fair yall. they worked together and my not have been the best of friends in the first place. thousands of people have probably tried to get in touch with ms hudson. sometimes that just makes it harder. on the other hand some people just don't know what to say in such an awful situation. i know 2 women who recently lost babies. neither wanted anyone from their jobs to contact them or say anything about the situation. what ever the case, this is between jennifer hudson and beyonce knowles. it's gotta be hard living in a fish bowl.


Not A Fan:


Beyonce owes Jennifer A LOT...had they NOT done Dreamgirls together, NO ONE would even have given Horsehair-weave wearing YONCE credit as an actress...

Jennifer forced STANKONCE KNOWLES TO ACT in that movie...

Yes, Beyonce owes ms. hudson A LOT.


um.. not a fan.. dial it down a bit. you may get a few more people to see your point. all that berating people because they have a different opinion is a bit extreme. chill baby..


Why am I not surprised? It was rumored that MS.B wasn't to happy about Jennifer Hudson getting the spotlight from Dreamgirls, but I thought it was nonsense. I guess we really know the answer. Beyonce couldn't give a damn about J. Hudson & her family tragedy. If Pres-elect Barack Obama & Oprah can send condolences why can't Beyonce? As HRW said "she's too busy stealing dance moves from the children" and telling singles ladies to put a ring on it.

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

LOL I do not see why people are so surprised. She is superficial like that. But as the crazed fan above said she does not owe Jennifer anything. We are on the outside looking in. We do not know what their relationship was like. They might hate each other. We are all just fans of either one or both of the artist. Hell, even New York (Tiffany Pollard) said a few kind words.

As far as Not A Fan I guess you are another Beyonce fan who does not like people talking about his girl. Twenty years from now we will not be celebrating Bey's music. Her work is not classic. She give us simple lyrics with silly little hooks. Her fans can get pissed all they want. I think more people are mad that she has not reached out to someone who was in a huge movie with her. Maybe Bey is bitter because J stole her shine. We all do not know I will say this if I had an enemy and something like happened to him I would reach out.


Although i am quite disappointed that she DIDN'T reach out to her....(in fact it's very inconsiderate of her, especially since she was so up in arms about the election, and singing for the presidential inauguration, and wanting to play Wonder Woman) i am gonna give her the benefit of a doubt and say MAYBE she meant that in the way of giving her time to grieve.....i know if my mother died, i would get tired of people saying "i'm sorry", "are you ok", "god will work it out", "Your mother/brother/nephew would've wanted you to blah blah blah"....it just makes you feel almost even more depressed....

but yeah, it's wrong of ALL people, people jennifer probably never even met, can wish her well, but Beyonce can't....just looks bad


I remember all to well when Oprah had the Dreamgirls cast on her show. She opened the show announcing Jamie Foxx, not Beyonce Knowles. It was as plain as day from the look on Oprah's face Beyonce was not suppose to be hanging on to Jamie Foxx when the curtain went up. The look on Oprah's face said it all.

Jamie whispered something into Oprah's ear that appeared aimed at Beyonce and Oprah went along with it but was clearly not happy. They never announced Beyonce's name but she grabbed the spotlight anyway. It was the most shameful act I had ever seen since Diana Ross on the Motown 25 anniversary special saying something to Barry Gordy that to this day does not make any sense at all.

Beyonce and her mother have always rubbed me the wrong way. For starters she looks older that the 30 years she is suppose to be. And I still think that marriage is more or less to cover rumors about someone who supposedly is on the down low. That entire episode sounded all along like a black version of Bennifer (Ben Afflek and Jennifer Lopez) except with a different financial ending to it.

But hey, we are all going to believe what we want to believe. And you just read my thought and beliefs. Please feel free to air yours.


she couldnt have been that busy with promotion if she took time from Japan to fly back to the states just to see the election...

Gina O

I just have to ask . . .

Why do so may of you put these so-called celebrities on a pedestal? You come in here and are ready to net fight anyone who does not bow down to “Queen Beyonce” or “Sasha Fierce” or what ever Schizoid name she is referring to herself as this week.

That heffa is human. She eats, sleeps, shyts and pisses just like you and I do.

I don’t know her personally but she does not come across as a very good person. She and her husband seem very superficial, arrogant, dull and shallow. Her music is average at best. Her dance moves are recycled, refurbished and reused.

O Town

D, that sounds very believable. Bey has always impressed me as poseur and striver.


wow. so much loathing. she's an entertainer; not mother teresa.

Baltimore Femme

Freeleo and Not a Fan...It doesnt matter what type of friendship the two of them had, this is someone with whom you spent a lot of time with making a movie, the decent thing to do would be to make a phone call and offer your condolensces, Beyonce may not owe Jen anything, but having an ounce of dignity during a time like this is what a real human being would do.

That is all I am saying. I may not care for my co-worker but you best believe if she had a death in her family, I would offer my condolences and what ever else I could to help her in her time of grief and it would be sincere. I strongly believe in treating others the way I would want to be treated.


"she's an entertainer; not mother teresa."

"Entertainer", yes, singer or actress NO.

That being said we have all seen what Beyonce did to Kelly Rowland and Letoya Lukcett. Who is surprised by this.

I mean seriously, thousands of fans can leave a comment or Myspace, George Bush or Obama can say something, we can comnment or Rod can blog...and Bey Bey can't even leave a text message.


i wonder if jamie foxx, eddie murphy, anika noni rose, keith robinson, sharon leal, hinton battle, and loretta divine, all sent their condolences or do we just care about beyonce? i don't understand the purpose of this. is this just beyonce hate? we love to build people up just to tear them down. beyonce should call diana ross so she can see how to deal with the bad vibrations from the haters..

Allen H

That is very funny you should mention Diana Ross. I am sure Beyonce asked DIANE what to do and DIANE said DO NOTHING.

i mean, DIANE ROSS inspired Bey Bey ... backstabbing other singers, kicking more talented singers out of the group, sleeping with the boss, marrying a Svengali, starring in fluffy movies built around her ...

but that was a good one

Allen H

Oh and Gurlene, I saw exactly what you were talking about. Oprah saw right through Bey.

I am always amazed at black gay men who idolize Beyonce and Diana Ross. They are usually the same ones. Except we won't be singing Beyonce's songs thirty years from now.


Congratulations Rod. Once again you have succeeded in creating controversy. Now other blogs are "reporting" this non-story.

Isn't there any updates on Prop 8 besides this ish?


And as always you find just the right photo to make your point.

Just admit your biased against Beyonce! Admit it!

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