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10 November 2008



Madonna Janet nor Beyonce can be considered dancers. That is just inorganic choreographed moves they translate on stage over and over and over and over..... Real artistry has proper technique and conveys a piece of work in various dimensions

Sonut Honti

Oh, please! Give 'ova! We the children of the 70s and 80s danced fierce with floor splits, back bends, twists, curls all the while banging on tambourines with nary a afro puff or jhery curl out of place! Ah...good times! These kids today, pitiful, the whole lot of 'im! Icon indeed!


Wow, so I'm guessing most of this blog's readers are a split between the older crowd and the "macho" type.

(rolls eyes)

I'm not the biggest Beyonce fan, but I will not tolerate this jealousy some of you have regarding the attention she gets from my peers. Except it, young gay men love flash, crass, and sass. That's life. And until you attempt the glorious excercise and discipline of the J-Set, please don't pass judgment on whether it's stupid or not (EVBB). As far as its aesthetic appeal, that's your opinion. Beyonce, Hollywood, and the HBCU campus crowds obviously love it.

Be happy for the kids, they could be out doing worse...like boosting!


hhmm, i meant to post that comment to the previous beyonce article...oh well.

I'm glad this young man is working hard and doing something positive, I like it when artist borrow from the past, it keeps the younger crowd educated with where we came from.


check my link, she's a copycat

Mizz Unknown

all i see here is a bunch of haters!!! whether yall like it or not, she is doing better then you all so, get over it.

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