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10 November 2008


S. Flemming

I guess ...

I don't get the big whoop over this chick. But people love her, so that's all that matters.


I don't get it either.
Beyond-say sings like a gargling chicken.
I just listened to the song. It was just awful.
But, hey, the gays love her.
(*going to my room to weep quietly*)


Hmm, hate to sound like a party pooper..


"her gay icon status for black gay youth."

Do you think she was marching this past weekend...oh, did she even bother to give/say a message against prop8...or did/will she give props to the 'gay dance' she copied a la Madonna with vogue and M Jackson with the moonwalk and say something that mught give ALL her gay fans some exposure & thanks....or??


Darren W

Meta is right It's all very mimicky.

Rod Mc

Rowan, the post was changed, maybe you didn't see it.

First, you're over-analyzing. Second, you're new here, but I'm not a huge Beyonce fan, and even a casual reader could see this blog obviously isn't geared toward the Beyonce-Janet crowd. But she is extremely popular among black gay youth and we need to discuss them.

King Drive

I'm not a Bouncy fan but she clearly is an ICON for the under 25 crowd. For better or worst.

Ten in My Timz

Umm, for worse, lol


Yeah I would never be considered a fan of th J-Settt'n culture, but there's a lot more destructive things these kids could be doing with their time, and if it affirms them in who they are then I applaud it


she's aiight...I guess I with the Phyllis Hyman/Stephanie Mills crowd... Beyonce is just OK and the video is too energetic for my ole bones...just kidding. I think the darker skinned lady dancer is supposed to be a chick with a dic.


I'm no Beyonce 'stan' but I love this video. It's a modern black gay update of the 'WALK IT OUT FOSSE' video on Youtube. She also references 'the children' in her "GET ME BODIED" video.

Rod is correct to spotlight this. She inspires the kids, the kids inspire her and so on and so on.


Actually this and her "Get Me Bodied" video are choreographed in the style and flavor of Bob Fosse. A number of the steps are exactly the same as a lot of his choreography. Rent the video "All That Jazz". Bob Fosse choreographed some of the most popular Broadway shows in the history of musical theater. Ben Vereen and Ann Reinking are two of his famous interpreters, but Miss Gwen Verdon (who is the lead dancer in the Walk It Out video) is the star. She was a leading dancer on Broadway for years and was Bob Fosse's wife. She was the leading interpreter of the "Fosse Style".

Grambling State

Everybody does that dance down here. Well, all the gay boys on campus, at least. It's cute and definitaly is inspired by Fosse.


Nope I didn't see the updated version actually.

So that's pours water on the flames!?

Oh, I'm not new here...I just didn't write anything..I've liked/read this blog for a while...


She's switching. This isn't dancing. How silly these young gay guys are today, at 23, I am embarrassed to say that this is our supposed "icon" of the moment.

Man, whatever. Janet Jackson is a dancer, Beyonce twists, thrust, and throws weave around whilst wearing heels. This is something you could see in any gay bar.-QH

Automatic Prince

I've read a couple of articles about that but none of them mentionned Bob Fosse, whcih was kind sad.
I'm glad you gave some props to the original choreographer :-)

Rod Mc

Rowan, you're more than say whatever you feel. I read some of our comments in one of the Prop 8 threads and you have good knowledge on history.

But this is just American pop culture. It would be foolish to pretend Beyonce isn't extremely popular among young black gay men. FWIW I don't like every subject here to be heavy or analytical.


Rod I don't think I have ever seen Beyonce on this blog. Outside of your Dreamgirls coverage. ???


I talked about this multiple times on my blog....

I don't like how Beyonce exploits or borrows so many things, yet gives no credit whatsoever

Byron Monte

well, benoisy's is definitely entertaining..she knows how to move..but i just can't believe how TACKY this girl is. she just doesn't have any taste whatsoever..those outfits, these thunder thighs pressed in a pair of cheap shiny tights, those unflattering heels..that hair..and what's up with the glove?? poor girl is absolutely clueless when it comes to styling herself..or is it still her mom who does that for her?
entertaining and a guarenteed money-maker? sure...iconic? no freakin' way!

Red Bone

The young Noah's Arc femme queens worship Miss Beyonce. They could care less if she rips off their dance moves.

Red Bone

'I AM SASHA FIERCE' please tell me that title wasn't thought up by some Atlanta queen. it is obvious who Beyonce is going for.



Heh, I agree! And I'm not that serious at all-I think a balanced person is someone who likes abit of both-too much of either is too much! :)

I just haaaaate Beyonce....that's all!


I loved Destiny's Child...but Beyonce's solo materials has been less interesting. It's largely without personality, and borrows a little too freely. At least Madonna would attempt to reinterpret the stuff she stole (except vogue-ing, which she simply stole.)

But Beyonce succeeds because she CLEARLY works hard, has some talent and heaps of ambition, and focus. She can sing...when she stops trying to belt and wail. I freely admit to being highly entertained by her concert DVD - it was cheesy, goofy fun.




I beg all GAY men, PLEASE stop with all the DIVA Worship!!! J-setting is so UGLY and rather stupid. Let those chicks at Jackson State do their thing and you gay boi's stop bittin'!!!!

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