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24 November 2008



i'll bet you could draw a direct correlation between this new anti-gay law and a rise in christian or islamic fundamentalism in the region.


Excuse me but other than killing each other off what else comes out of this country that is barely newsworthy or shocking? This was to be expected.

Gio Brindisi

This is Gio in Rome, Italia. Thank you so much for this article my family is Burndi and Tanzania and Italian. This is a shame what has happened to our land, the fundamentalismo have taken over. This is great blog for black gay men across the world, keep it up many thanks Gio.

Gay Burundian

Hi Rod,

Thank you so much for posting this,
I'm Burundian and gay( living in Toronto )and have been following this outrageous proposition!!!!It was voted by the parlement..so far
the senate hasn't passed this.. yet!…I spoke with my friend and ex-classmate who is the coordinator of ARDHO-(Association for the Respect of Homosexuals' Rights)
He is working hard with great help of the Human Rights Watch and a few foreign embassies in Bujumbura to stop this outrageous criminalization of gays and he sounds pretty positive that the proposition may not pass….
This is pretty shocking because Burundi was considered more liberal in the way it treated homosexuals in the region…
Also, the fact that a few foreign countries have ambassadors and consuls who are openly gay (who would become outlawed ..Should the proposition pass) indicates that there will be resistance from foreign countries…
I, too will be sending a fax to the Senate to protest

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