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14 November 2008


Derrick from Philly

This is going back to the courts just where this issue should be. Rod, you said it last week, you can't have a popular vote on minority folks' civil rights. And if it should leave the state courts, it will go on to the federal courts. And that is why I voted for Barack Obama: to choose federal judges.

Only problem is getting rid of the fifty'leven idiot, right-wing judges that Bush the Idiot has already put on the bench. I think we have to wait until they retire or die...sometimes it seems they don't retire till after they die.

Lady T

I am so glad this is going back to court. I'm a minority in three ways: Black, Woman, Handicap. And in all three ways court decisions have made my life easier (Civil Rights, Women's movements, Americans with Disabilities Act). I can only imagine having any of my US CONSTITUTIONALLY granted rights voted upon by the public and taken away. I can't imagine a group of people voting to take away my right to eat at the counter, ride the public bus (as opposed to a handicap bus).

This Prop 8 was not fair to begin with. You cannot take away fundamental rights (preaching to the choir). You cannot, just because of your OWN value systems re-classify a group of people. Some argue so what, gays still have civil unions and domestic partnerships...and I say okay then how would you feel if told you couldn't marry but can live together in a DM or CU?. Point is, this is a court decision and should have remained that way. The courts obviously felt it was worth granting back in May.

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