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13 November 2008



before i read your caption, i thought it was billie holiday then i looked at the eyes. there is a peace and quiet dignity in the eyes of mayor simmons. i love billie but she never carried that in her gaze in any of the photos that i've seen.


Wow, she's beautiful. Very interesting woman.-QH


...when people think no progress is happening with gays of color this is definitely a name to bring up...here's hoping her public profile continues to rise...if you don't know, now you know...


Wow, what a beautiful, elegant woman! And, anyone who can channel he great Billie Holiday is worth a double take and read. I wasn't going to get a copy of this after seeing the cover, but, might now.


A BEAUTIFUL photo! Is it time to remake Lady Sings the Blues? We already have the star!

And Cambridge is quite something -- and out black gay man as mayor followed by and out black lesbian. Bravo/brava

S. Flemming

She better do it ... I know that's right.

Sonut Honti

OMG!! She just wreaks beauty!!!
More power to her!!!

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