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12 November 2008


Newark NJ

Something tells me the next time Savage is held down by several black men it will not be an enjoyable experience.


Not the most attractive man.... needs to stick to print


i have to admit i am very disappointed in dan savage. he has fanned the flames of racial unrest and went on colbert and pretended he has not. there are many fingers to point after 8 but you cannot attack people for exercising there right to vote




Even though I'm fast to point out how wrong Dan Savage is in his claims in his first response with taking the first exit poll he found and making a blanket statement that he made, I think blaming Dan Savage for the foolishness of that riot and the comments made is a bit much.

he was wrong, but I dont think he 'encouraged' people to react the way that did. And really? Taking that stuff down was the best he could do...

Yoou know, a part from APOLOGIZING.

Dan just proved to be like every other white gay person in reading that poll and responding without thinking. Blaming him for other white gay people's foolishness? Nah. Too melodramatic for my tastes.


It is very disturbing that Dan Savage is so comfortable that he can act as if he is an expert on our issues. And most white gay men feel that he is an expert so they will quote what he says.


Saywhat, naw you are the one who is melodramatic. No one said Savage ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO USE N-WORD. But he did promote THE EXIT POLL AS GOSPEL and has pushed the suggestion that blacks CAUSED PROP 8.

That is called ENCOURAGEMENT my little friend.


I respectfuly disagree with SAYWHAT.

If Savage regrets what he said or believes he made a mistake, he should apologize or say nothing. But pulling down the post before a tv appearance and then to say something different is cowardly.


Dan Savage is a fool. He has written several columns pushing those exit polls and blaming black voters and now he wants to pretend it never happened. Beoytch

Topanga Canyon

Rod I see you are determined to keep attacking brave and courageous gay men of all colors. Dan Savage threw a bouguet to gay black men. HE ACKNOWLEDGED YOUR EXISTENCE. What more do you want?

Topanga Canyon

And I will say it again...there is much ungratitude here. Colbert was not joking when he said you got your president but WHAT ABOUT US?

O Town

Most gay conservative have black man fetish. Savage and Sullivan are no different

Marvell T

TOPANGA, what do WE have to be GRATEFUL FOR?

barack obama will be the president for the whole country and excellent on gay issues


I completely disagree with Savage/Sullivan. It has been proven that old people are the reason prop 8 passed. I must however ask why is there no outrage here at the most recent comments from "Trick Trick"?


This is a piping hot mess of mess!! He goes on tv to tell the world that black gay people exist! Is this news in 2008?!? We shouldn't be shocked, but obviously the men who held Savage down in the past don't count as gay people-- his own quote implies it. They are trying to clean up the garbage that is out there. I have not forgotten, we need to protest Dan and his column and the papers who run it. We need to oragnize now!

With so many vocal black SGL advocates out there it is very, very sad that nobody could find one to speak on this issue. It just shows that even those of us who do speak up are invisible. The media has helped to create the image that gay=white when they refuse to hear the voices of black SGL advocates.


For a third of my life I've felt forced to choose between "black and gay" and I've always felt more welcome, more at home in the "gay."

The thing is, I can hide the "gay" I can't hide the black and I've always known that.

Now I just want to hide.

If a survey of 267 people is going to be used to demonize an entire ethnic group, then I believe the sampling of racist posts on a variety of blogs far outweigh the results of the CNN survey.

I do not feel safe with gay anymore. They remind me more than ever that "black" is what they see. So that's what they get and I'll keep my gay to myself and the people who don't care that I'm black.


I said the dude should apologize, did I not? Was that point not made? He was wrong. I don't like pulling it down either because I believe an apology is owed, but retracting that crap ergo 'pulling it down' is better than leaving it up when you are clear its crap... however, yeah that can be considered a 'bitch-ass move'. He Should apologize clearly for clarity on his position 'cause he awes a lot of his black readers an explanation for that crap.

To me, singling out that one person when TONS of other people did the same thing and make it seem like he started the race riot himself when those crazy ass white people had that stuff buried in their heart waaay before Nov. 4 is a bit much. Melodramatic. And being a person on Slog, I know what he said and what was said thoughout many of his posts. You don't have to agree with that point. He was wrong and many of the people there said he was wrong too. But the "...who has done his best to incite a race riot" part seemed a bit melodramatic to ME. Maybe not to you.

I can read just fine bruh. I can recognize when a dumbass white person says something without thinking, and then backpeddles just fine. But thanks for helping though. F'real.


Hank, that is very well said.

Rod Mc

SAYWHAT Actually, your comments are more melodramatic. Of course Savage/Sullivan et al did not stand in the streets of West Hollywood and Westwood and personally instruct a handful of people to say racial epithets.

OTOH Savage has pushed this meme in various columns, he has been quoted numerous times, and, has never moderated his comments or told people to dial back. The columns were only removed from his blog on the evening he appeared on television. That is the proverbial throwing a grenade in a room and stepping back.

What, you think poor little Dan is being picked on?

Joe Clark

Because he has a print newspaper column, is a known quantity, and gives good quote. *That’s* why he’s on TV. That doesn’t make him an “ambassador.”


Savage gives good quote. But yes he did try to come across as the ambassador to the poor downtrodden black gays.


Do I think Dan deserves the heat he has gotten? Of course. He was wrong for what he said.

And um, yeah as a person who was on Slog during a number of those columns, he did 'dial back' and distance himself from the comments in a thread that were offensive and racist, and even addressed them a few times, so I don't know what you read vs. what I read. I never said dude wasn't wrong; I said blaming him *solely* for crazy ass stuff that was said in WeHo seemed a bit much when tons of places reported the same crap, trying to get the same story and reaction. I get why you posted this, I just don't agree where you were initially going with it...

Slog is hardly ever moderated so any ass can come there and say anything they want. Dan did make note to tell folks that their statements were wrong when he needed to (okay, actually he just made a few posts in each one telling them to knock it off), and that they were 'taking him out-of-context' (when his initial posts did streak of a particular white racism and fear of black homophobia being worst in our community than others). But dude at least made a point of saying to folks coming in they were wrong and that he didn't stand by the hateful crap THEY were spewing. My comments are in those pieces that were deleted so I'm pretty sure I remember what was said.

I don't have a problem when notng where people deserve heat; but your posts connecting him directly to what happened in other places seemed a bit much. To me.Dan's a grown ass man, and one who was/is wrong. but I just didn't agree with where you were trying to get to.

White gay people would have reacted the way they did even without Dan Savage's intake because that racism was there on its own.

Put it like this; I think there is a difference when someone intentionally tries to encourage that stuff and someone who foolishly unleashes that from not thinking clearly. What you posts to me reads as if he intentionally did it.

To me, Dan Savage did the latter.

Ryan Canty

Topanga Canyon: DROP DEAD! you and saywhat? need to eat a big one and then throw yourselves OFF the planet.

Dan Savage is JUST as problematic as Sullivan and all the racist WeHo/HELLsea/Castro/Dupont Circle LGBT blogging "activists" who claim to be so progressive, yet dont' give a damn about anyone other than themselves: triflin ass, white idiots.

Y'all sure to love us when we are turning you all types of PINK and RED in the bedroom. yet, you still refuse to acknowledge just how VITAL ALL communities of color are in No on 8 REALLY being No on 8.

this latest demonization and attacks--just sad.

Instead of attacking/dreaming about being gang raped by black men (cause that's ALL of your schticks, realness), why don't you work on grassroots efforts to ally with all communities of color on this.

or, are you too sorry and lazy to get up off your pasty white a*ses to do the REAL, CRUCIAL work needed to be done to ensure that you sycophants can emulate straight people and be "married".

get into it, kiddies..ya a*ses are showing and they sure do STANK of ignorance and BS.


Ick, after reading his columns in the throwaway papers, I can see why he is so weird and twisted on sex issues now that I see him.

Any hoo, until they get white gays who can actually relate or at least try to figure out the black community and why some aren't ready to defend equality, good luck. They can't even figure out or are aware that there are actual black gay men and women. And, with guys like him being the face and mouth piece of the white gay community, good luck convincing any blacks to work together with the overall gay community for fairness and equality. These angry, white gay men are starting to sound like the bitter GOP faithful and, I for one at this point am over what ever they feel about Prop 8, they should join the GOP and Log Cabin Club where there are loads who feel the same disdain for people of color, or maybe get offline and actaully meet a real black gay man or woman and ask just how it is to be black and gay in this country, locked out of this "debate" on both sides of the issue. And, while they are at it, condemn the nitwits who spew racial slurs, something none of them had or seem to have any issue with, its all about thier "feelings."

And, thanks Rod for keeping this going and showing what's going on.

Ryan Canty

and Ms. Savage REALLY needs to NEVER show his face on tv ever again...


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