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19 November 2008


Derrick from Philly

I thought every cabinet choice he makes should help his 2012 re-election bid. Lord, I can be a cynical bitch sometimes--oughtta' be working in somebody's campaign.

This is a very brave choice. Atleast Holder is beyond competent and not just a good, close friend as many Attorney Generals have been to their presidents.


Can't you feel a brand new day?

Look at Obama and Holder bringing black, middle aged, smart/sexy to The White House.


Obama will prove people wrong...


I VOTED AND CONTRIBUTED MONEY TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN. But I'm disgusted with these appointees.

IT is obvious that Obama GAVE IN to the Clintons since they got away with tons of these appointments. This tells me that Obama thought He could not win without the Clintons, which the results proved wrong. He WAS going to win and he did. This all tells me Obama had lost faith in himself and his ability to win that he made all these Politics as usual deals.

This is where is scarred forever. He lost his label. His brand is LOST. I don't see a way to recover that brand with these "deals" and so many Clinton cronies around.ESPECIALLY Eric Holder.


Ramon, that is ridiculous. First of all...Holder worked on the Obama campaign. Second....almost any Democrat with executive experience in Washington worked in the Clinton White House. Would you rather Obama reach back 30 years to find Jimmy Carter's appointments? Or do you think we should have a Republican attorney general...

And stop the dramatics about Obama's brand and change. He threw that out the window when he picked Joe 'I Cosponsored the Iraq War' Biden. Please.

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