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25 November 2008



this is effed up. now they are claiming their precious boy with the long criminal record was PROVOKED into killing an unarmed trans girl? oh we see where this is going ...

patrick s

Of course this is a hate crime. The is malice aforethought and planning. He even said he hated gays and lesbians, except this girl was trans but perceived as gay.

Can you introduce a victim's arrest record in New York state?

And yes I am very sure they will try for a defense.,

Baltimore Femme

Rod, I have said this in the previous post...but thanks so much for staying on this story. The murder of our 'T' sistahs might not seem like important to some folk... but it's important to me....and many like me. You have my respect and admiration....

Pharrell Luvr


Ebony Baby

This murder is horrible and it really galls me that the family can stand there and say this loser did not do it. There are witnsses. There is accomplise. He has a history. If the victim were someone else they would not pull this.


I am scared. I know someone who was attacked because of there appearance and was almost killed. You can't be safe anywhere you lives. I hope the killer gets justice served.

Tommy Ross

This is disturbing and tragic on so many levels. The family loved and accepted Lateisha, then why couldn't other people love and accept Lateisha. I am so sorry the victim is being re-victimized all over again.

Nathan James

A few years ago I was walking with a friend who was very feminine in his carriage, dress, and demeanor. As we walked down the street, suddenly a beer bottle came sailing across the street at us and boroke on the sidewalk directly in front of us. We saw four or five men yelling vile slurs at us from across the street. We ducked into the subway and got away, but here is the kicker: this happened at five in the afternoon on a clear summer day, in front of about fifty onlookers. None of them so much as blinked.

It's public apathy towards attacks and killings of LGBTQ people that make these ludicrous defense claims plausible, just as much as it is the resurgent homophobia we are seeing in society these days. The "gay panic" defense of "provocation" is accepted by juries because it plays to their own prejudices and fears about homosexuality. Will there come a day when this type of defense will be seen for the pathetic excuse it is? I hope so. I do not want to revisit the days when a homophobe like San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk's killer could posit a "Twinkie defense"...


I too want to thank you for staying on this story.

I did not personally know this child but I do hope she was the type who would have had sense enough to know to leave a place that she clearly was not wanted.

I have been out of the closet for more years than many of you are old. I walk out of bars when the D/L gangsta thug gay boys come in. That is why for the most part I do not even go out anymore. I always judge a crowd by their rowdiness and not their sexuality and trust me, many of these young queens who hang out in the village are nothing but outright street trash. Not all of them but I will say too many of them fit in that category of what ever it takes to get money. Many of them are armed as well.

If the party was at the shooter's house then his defense will no doubt be he told the child to leave and she threatened him with a weapon and he grabbed his and that was the end result.

That assault charge with a weapon the child had on her record will be why this bastard walks. It will all be up to the effort his defense attorney puts into it. Keep in mind public defenders go home at 5pm because they know there is a long line of job security after this one that awaits him/her.

The Michael Sandy killers could have walked as well because it was as plain as day in the internet chat room Michael met his killers in that they had discussed drugs and it was Sandy who not only suggested it but even brought the drugs with him.

I know this thing is f'd up but it is the job of a defense attorney to use what ever means that are at his disposal to get his client off and there it is. A previous arrest for weapons and violence will not help the victim at all in this case. Did the assault take place in a bar or area known for it's rowdiness? All of these facts are going to play a big roll. Aquittal of all murder charges does seem highly possible based on what I read so far. And I am sorry to have to say that.


God, I've avoided this but has to see what happened.

Nathan James: Been there...

We've had something similar happen in the UK but 'heads are rolling'...


(your safe now)


Hopefully the fact that the eye witness to all of this is still alive, helps. they can say that that's the victim's brother so he is being bias, however he is also a victim of the smae crime and deserves his day in court. We know it can go many different ways.

opefully, all the gay rights protests going on for Prop 8 and other things will work in the victims favor. If attorneys think nothing will happen and this can be swept under the rug and forgotten about, they will do whatever to make that happen. If they think protests and other things will take place, they think twice about sweeping it over. Right now the gays are mad, so they may do the right thing because of too much public exposure.


Oops, yeah thanks


It really disgusts me how trans people are treated in court. Ok, I have to assume (at this time) that the victims past record is true, but what the heck has that got to do with this jerk, walking into his house, getting a rifle and shooting Lateisha and her brother for nothing else but being trans. Nothing. It appears in the news account of the story the murderer is just that. A heartless little twit. Yes I'm angry. We just had our Transgender Day of remembrance just a week ago, and its stories like this that have me so upset. They are throwing Lateisha record out in the open, but it also appears that he has a much longer record than she does. If he gets off, or gets only a light sentence I will do everything I can to make sure crap like this don't happen in the future. And I assure you I will do it legally. Thank you for listening.

Sonut Honti

It is just so much hate and mayhem that continues to go around. It seems to never end.

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