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05 November 2008


Rod Mc

KEVIN You need to take a break from this topic. I have no idea why you are so mad, blaming everyone else for your issues and making generalizations on race. The people here are very thoughtful. If you are 18 and closeted, maybe you can learn something from other posts and comments.

DAVE Racist much? Who are you calling "you people"?

Obviously you never took statistics in community college and don't understand that it was white voters who overwhelmingly passed this amendment. But according to your IP address, you do not live in California. Your IP address is Oklahoma, an overwhelmingly white state that has already BANNED same sex marriage.

Marvell T

This is really getting my goat.

We're not COMPLAINING on this blog. We have lived racism, discrimination, bigotry and homophobia and are TIRED of it, from our people and from others. We are tired of our own pastors calling us faggots and leading antigay crusades. and we are tired of white gay men blaming blacks for all homophobia. But more than that we are tired of people coming on this blog and BLAMING us for their problems. We all are trying to get along and want conversation and stimulation not blame and attacks.


Dave, did you write that little racist speech while wearing you white hood? Or did you take it off to be more comfortable in your trailer?



the more things change the more they stay the same


Kevin. Because we'll always be black before we're anything else.

49th Floor

I totally agree with Derrick from Philly. There is a special 'intolerance' by white gays for black homophobia. They are so outraged that a black person will dare call them a faggot.

Guess what? That is what they called me! Before the bat me in school and cursed me in church and my parents threw me out of their home.

if that is not the height of white privilege what is

Former COGIC

The racist comments by DAVE about YOU PEOPLE are typical. He has no problem singling out African American hmopohobia and totally ignores the many more millions of votes by White voters. He is only focused on African Americans and feel we OWE him something.

Icing on cake is the fact he was busted and doesnt even live in California. They cant even marry in his state anyway but no he dont care. It is more convenient to blame African Americans in another state.

A. Ronald

It is no surprise this amendment passed. Almost any time the rights of minorties are put to a vote, the majority says no. The road to gay rights and marriage equality will take many decades, we did not get our rights overnight.

It took 232 years to get a black man in the White House. You would think Black people would be more tuned into discrimination. Some are, some are not, we are just people and are far from perfect. But make no mistake thre are blacks who discriminate and many who do not. It is the same as white people.

A. Ronald

Typos sorry. "There are blacks who discriminate."


CHICAGO - Coretta Scott King, speaking four days before the 30th anniversary of her husband's assassination, said Tuesday the civil rights leader's memory demanded a strong stand for gay and lesbian rights.

"I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people and I should stick to the issue of racial justice," she said. "But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'"

"I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream to make room at the table of brother- and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people," she said.

"Gays and lesbians stood up for civil rights in Montgomery (and) Selma (Alabama), in Albany, Georgia, and St. Augustine, Florida, and many other campaigns of the civil rights movement," King said.

She said she saluted the contributions "of these courageous men and women" who fought "for my freedom at a time when they could find few voices for their own."


That is why gay folk feel a sence of betrayal.


Amen, bring it home with the words of Coretta Scott King

Pieter in Jo'burg

Pieter in Johannesburg here.

I am relatively new to this blog and am always amazed by the discussion. Top notch. This is a brilliant day for American but bittersweet because of the setbacks on the California question.

In South Africa, we have had to teach ourselves to remember our oppressive apartheid regime and had vowed to have the most progressive Constitution. But there is homophbia especially by the churches. I wish I could offer some advice but cannot because each situation is unique.

Finally, a round of congratulations to Rod. The blog and your writing is most impressive.

Carry on, mates.


Its time for the black LBGT community start looking out for ourselves.


I really like this blog too. There are a group of posters who roam around various blogs spewing racist crap. Their primary goal, like that of Andrew Sullivan, is to fixate on race as the culprit for homophobia. None of them can explain why there are bans in states with little or no black populations. To be quite frank, the conspiracy side of me believe they are just conservative organization sock puppets stirring up trouble.

Mel Smith

As a 28-year-old black man, I am very upset that seventy percent of the black population in California voted in support of making us second class citizens. I understand how terrible racism is, but we give black heterosexual people power to disrespect us. Honestly, I'm tired of having unity with them. As a gay person who also happens to be black, I will deal with the racism. Decent Black heterosexuals such as Michael Eric Dyson keep me from verbally attacking black heterosexuals.

Nevertheless, I am still upset by the actions of black people; They elected the first black president and make us second class to them. That's disgusting and beyond an insult. We're adults just like they are. Do you guys know that? Also, we are also responsible for Proposition 8.


It's bad enough that 70% of blacks as a group voted in favor of Proposition 8 but what's even worse is that black FEMALE voters voted 75% in favor of Proposition 8.

I admit that I resent white gay men telling us how homophobic straight blacks are BUT at the same time we black gays must admit to ourselves and each other that while homophobic whites certainly initiated and funded Prop. 8, a much higher percentage of blacks voted in favor of Prop. 8 than ANY other racial/ethnic group.

It's very distressing. The black LGBT population must think seriously about what if anything can be done about those numbers. How can we continue to defend straight blacks against charges by white gay men that straight blacks are more homophobic than other groups, especially if it's true?


When Obama says that he opposes the ban, but opposes gay marriage he contradicted himself. When you stick a “but” in the middle of the sentence, you negate a portion of the sentence. All his supporters heard was “against gay marriage” which only reinforces what the black community hears regularly from their pastors…along with the white evangelicals. I am most disapointed in the black community though…I expected more tolerance from those who have lived with intolerance for much of their lives. I’m used to the white bigots. My biggest bottom line in this debate: I really don’t give a damn what my president’s religious beliefs are. I’m good with the don’t ask, don’t tell kind of relationship there, as were our founding fathers. Get the religious fervor out of MY White House please! W has had that general conversation with our country for far too long…let’s get back to treating all citizens equally as happened in the 60’s for the blacks, only now it’s our turn….and yes, that could include all you down-low dudes out there. Grow some and stand up!


Okay, now that this is done, what are WE going to do? We can change people's minds in both small ways and larger ways. Being proud of who you is a very good start. I don't mean everyone needs to pop out of the proverbial closet, but get to know people and let people get to know you.

This way if they find out you are gay, their minds have to go to the thought that "Such in such is a really cool person, wow. So this is what gay is?" Minds can be changed in small ways that in the end make a big difference.

Let's start a conversation about small and large changes that can lead to solutions in areas all over this great country of ours. If we want change, What Are We Going To Do To Get It?

Derrick from Philly


you are always the voice of reason.

The first step in turning more of that 70% of Black Californians voting 'yes' to think like the 30% voting 'no' is for us black gays to "come out". Black people have got to see just how many of us are gay/sgl. They've got to be FORCED to see that gays who demand civil rights are not just white gays. Then, we've got to constantly remind them that if you don't believe in FULL civil rights for gay people--then you are practicing the same bigotry that racist whites practiced against black folks for decades(and still would like to, but we've got civil rights laws to challenge against their discrimination). I know this is already being done, but it must be a contant message: bigotry against gays is the same as bigotry against blacks--whether they argue that it's not, our answer is "it is." And no gay person should have to depend on "looking straight" to be treated like an equal citizen or even a human being!

ELG, MEL: y'all know that I agree you y'all concerning the behavior of black homophobes, and black bigotry against black & white gay people. We have NO disagreement there. It just disturbs me that the white gays who have intense criticism of black homophobia are often the same white gays who criticize black folks for any issue that comes up on these blogs. Their racism penetrates through in their comments on any topic that comes up about blacks.

I understand and appreciate your arguements. Since you brought up the issue of violent gay-bashing: I've been through more gay-bashing(verbal& physical) from black men than you will ever encounter (I hope). My problem is that black homophobia is highlighted more than white homophobia--whether in main stream media or the gay media.

If you run across white homophobes from the same socio-economic & educational background as black homophobes--you'll will be in as much danger from them as you are from the "ghetto thugs".

White trash thugs are just as dangerous to "noticeably" gay people as Black Ghetto thugs.


South Side

Yes I am Black but like I said, I'm not American and have never been there. I'm from the UK and my background has not been seeped in slavery-although it was in colonisation...

I just don't 'get' why we would choose to be so religous AT ALL when, erm, religion (organised), are not so 'kind' to us...

So yeah, I don't understand it. And yep, I'm very black and spend a lot of my time doing my masters and what not researching and trying to find a greater way we can progress and move forward..

And to me ALL religion stops this...it' secular...


First of all I'm shocked it was only 70%.

Second Kevin are you really Latino, because what teenage Latino says gringo anymore like for real. What Cajiva thinks is that you are really a white man pretending to be Latino so your point may come across more effectively. I assume you think since blacks and Latinos have this great relationship (yeah right), we would let a Latino voice prejudice rants against black people and get away with it. How stupid do you really think we are.

Mel Smith

Derrick, I respect and understand everything you typed.


I find it ironic that a population that has a 70% out of wedlock birth rate votes that other people who actually want to get married can't. Blacks have decided that that they need someone to be better than. Most Blacks voted and the overwhelming numbers of them think that they are the only ones who have ever been discriminated against.



thats a very sad statement you made and your assumption really makes an a** out of you.

is 70% the magic number now?

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