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05 November 2008


Harry A

My aunt is one of those black women who is very homophobic and voted for this proposition. Of course she has two children from diffrent babies daddys and was never married. Go figure.


Do we have an update the AP says this passed....?


My understanding is that the marriages cannot be revoked by the legal recognition will be invalidated.


David, you can't blame this on Obama. People are going to vote their conscience. I am sure possibly he may have changed some minds here and there but you cannot expect people to drop their bigotry and prejudices at a moment notice.


We took such a large step forward with Obama victory. Now we take hguge step backward. So sad.


oops, i meant HUGE sorry lol

Darren S

I think it is very typical the mainstream gay white organizations did not reach out to us. Of course they are blaming blacks for the bill's passage, that is to be expected.


Thanks a lot, ObamaNation.

Derrick from Philly


I'm just tired of white gays singling out black homophobes for special criticism. They are no more/no less dangerous than white homophobes.

There is anti-gay hatred in all racial/ethnic groups; so, why do white gays have to point at black people's homophobia.

If Propositon 8 had been held in Texas or Mississippi, the comparison between whites and blacks would have shown both groups to be even in their opposition to gay marriage. The reason is because as far apart as blacks are to southern whites in race relations--those two groups share almost the same religious views.

Another thing: the same white gays that you think I rebuke for standing up to black homophobia-- how much do they stand up against white gay racism in their own community? What do they say to white racist bar owners, or to their friends who've committed racist behavior against black gays?

I'm saying, black homophobia is no worse than white homophobia--especially for white gays. Don't single black folks out for stupidity and bigotry when you can't clean up your own racist stupidity.

And as I said earlier, back in the 1950s, how many white homosexuals were racist/practiced racism compared to those that believed in racial equality? How many would have voted to retain legal bans on inter-racial marriage?



King Drive

Thank you so much Derrick. And as always thanks a million Rod.

Thomas M

the same white gays that you think I rebuke for standing up to black homophobia-- how much do they stand up against white gay racism in their own community?

Probably not at all. I almost never hear them discuss racism in the white community.

Of course since many supported Obama they do not believe they are prejudiced. And since Obama was elected they will say racism has been conquered.


is it true there are 2 milion absentee ballots that are uncounted?


What I found very insidious about this rush to judgment is that it is white people who pushed this but black people are blamed. The Republican Party is mostly white and there are so many white people in California who supported this.

Kevin Perez

Racist stupidity? Get yourself a reality check. The homophobia within the Black community is multipile times worse. I've also mentioned the fact the one ethnic group, Hispanics/Latinos, carry the same outdated ideals and tiresome beliefs on homosexuality. Those raised in traditionalist cultures in Asia and the Middle East have it just as bad. Do not tell me there isn't difference because you best damn bet there is.

Again, I absolutely love how you're aruging anybody in the LGBT community who is White should take the BS of Black homophobes simply because there have been SOME cases of discrimination to POC in the LGBT community by SOME White gays. But what makes you think other ethnic minorities don't it to on another? What makes so you damn sure?

I've never recalled racism from those evil White gays you keep talking about but have had mutiple experinces of WANNABE thugs getting on my case because I don't like some girl's twat. Explaining my sexuality to Blacks or Lations is worse. Don't try to sugar it. It's pathetic some of you here who keep yapping about homophobia try to DOWNPLAY the hatred most African Americans have towards the LGBT just to keep a sense of ''unity'' or ''brotherhood'' in the community. It's pathetic.

Newsflash, those of African descent should know better. Having the ancestry of the most looked down, despised, mistreated group of people on earth, one would think they wouldn't treat others the way they were treated but with the horror stories of homophobia coming from Africa, the West Indies and Latin America, the hatred for anything gay award should go defintely to those of African descent. Right there with ya Latin brothers and sisters and the Arabs. Here's another thing for you too, how many African Americans would support equality for homosexuals of ANY color back in the good 'ol days?

To clarify all this BS, you're saying because of your horrible obsession with skin color, if you're White and complain about black Homophobia, they should STFU simply some White Gays are racist towards POC. LMAO! What about Blacks racist towards White Gays because of both factors?

FYI, do not f*cken compare to homophobia within in the Gringo's lair to the ridiculous animosity Blacks and Latinos have towards LGBT folk just so you could make yourselves feel better. When people think of Black community and homosexuality, they just think of the foul-mouthed homophobic thugs cussing out gays, lesbians and transgandered or pastors preaching that were deviants. Maybe, just maybe if they focus how they're pecived within their OWN ethnic community than you can worry about those Gay skinheads.

Kevin Perez

I almost never hear African Americans talk about their social hypocrasy and their pathetic attempt to make sexuality a race issue.

Yes, I suppose next time I run into those disgusting hoodlums, I should just take their BS because after all, homophobia from the godly Black community makes one racist 'cuz, all Homophobia in any community is the same, so we should talk Black America's hypocracy and their proud Homophobic culture just 'cuz a couple of White Gays are relucant to talk about racism in the LGBT.

But then again Black America hides the issue of sexual idenity under the rug in mainstream black pop culture. Why the hell aren't you protesting thise or the intense homophobic views in Africa, the West Indies and Latin America.

Kevin Perez

Doesn't matter if White people pushed it. African Americans still supported the bill, the majority, and you're not upset about that? Hilarous!

Rod Mc

KEVIN A couple of things. First, watch your language and no profanity. Secondly, you're brand new to this blog and there are dozens of posts of homophobia in the black community, anti-gay governments in Africa and the Caribbean and religious-based homophobia and bigotry.

Third, stop blaming every black person for everything. Seriously. The vast majority of people who voted for this initiative were white, the vast majority of funding came from white people and the Mormon Church.

Of course I'm upset, that's why I wrote about it. But I don't need a teenager who is not black to lecture me on black people. Don't ever go there with me.

Grambling State

Yo Kevin, you are getting a lil extra, man. And you never want to mouth off to Rod. He has been writing about these topics for years.

I'm not really feeling you coming here talking about 'blacks this' and 'blacks that.' If you are Latino, we are all in this together. And there is a whole lotta homophobia in your community, you need to check yourself.

luke a.

KABC reports Los Angeles County registrar suspended performing same sex marriages.

Luis Vasquez

---->"Black homophobia is no worse than white homophobia--especially for white gays. Don't single black folks out for stupidity and bigotry when you can't clean up your own racist stupidity"

That is the key here. The past eight years we have been subjected to an oppressive homophobic homophobic culture courtesy of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Focus on the Family and the Republican Party. They are almost all white. The marriage initiative in Arizona, almost all white state and they passed it, the fight in Florida was the same way. It is very easy to blame black voters but even if black voters had opposed the prop 8 by the same numbers IT STILL WOULD PASS.

This is a black gay themed site so no one here is excusing the black community, we are trying to come up with solutions. And black gay people are hurt much more by black homophobia than those who don't live in the commnity.

I am black and Puerto Rican and really do not want to get into any discussion on Latinos being so open minded, sorry. Or white people either.


I don't understand why anyone should be surprised that black folk voted in the majority to disapprove of gay marriage. We are all aware that this reasoning has many levels to it. One I would like to point out is as such: Black gay visibilty in white gay media has always been marginal.

When black gays don't even get behind this bill(because there are black gays who still feel this marraiage amendment is a 'white gay thing, like AIDS was thought of at the beginning of the epidemic), what do white gays expect?

When you are made to feel as if you don't count nor exist, what do you expect? Other than the recent Noah's Arc movie, how much media attention has the black gay community been given while this bill has been in action, whereas black gays were not ignored or demonized? The black community has constantly been given the images of gays, both black and white, as demons who give AIDS to black women because of the 'DL' community and destroy families. If white gays are upset that black folk has voted the way they have, what have they done leading up to this to change the image the black community has of them/all of us?

There are black gay folk working on changing the negative image of us through our black gay churches, black gay media (which unfortunately are diminishing), and organizations. However, as black gay men if our desired, lusted after, and accepted image within our own black gay community is that of a DL homothug (who wants no one to know he's gay, or that he even has a gay thought), maybe we need to examine ourselves before our chickens really come home to roost.

I believe a conversation really needs to begin within our black gay communities about image and perception, and where do we want to go as a community. We don't have to become homogenized, but we do have to become conscious.

Mel Smith

This is disgusting to hear. Why do people think they have a right to deny another group of people their rights??? I suggest everyone stay on top of this issue.

They have just made us second class citizens.

Kevin Perez

''But I don't need a teenager who is not black to lecture me on black people. Don't ever go there with me.''

Than stop trying to make the issue of sexuality about race. I have repeated over and over many times about homophobia within the Latino community, so don't you or anybody else tell me I need to check myself. I'm still in the closet because of it FYI and I don't care if you're Black and Puerto Rican. This TEENAGER is pissed of that some people on this blog are so fixated with race and do nothing but blame and blame. Most people on this blog are just bad as those White gays the blame Prop 8 on Blacks.

I have my own damn problems when it comes to identifying with my ethnic background, race, nationality and what not. I don't need it on the Internet. Which is what precisely I cannot stand the BS that's spewed here. All I hear is people whining about be blamed for something and ''White Gay'' this and that. It's disgusting.

Further, the logic here is that no one has the right complain about the, I repeat, RIDICULOUS HOMOPHOBIA from the Black community unless they're Black, I further acknoledged this by pointing out homophobia in Latin America, Asian and the Middle East but the main issue is that nobody can complain because they're not ''Black''.

The fact there are White racist gays doesn't account or justify disgusting Homophobic attitudes coming from Black American or ANY OTHER ETHNIC MINIORITY (Latinos). Some of you literally are sugar-coating the homophobia in the Black community by suggesting the ridiculous notion the Homophobia in different ethnic communities is on the SAME LEVEL are fooling themselves.

Homophobia shouldn't be tolerated in general. But considering that Black men and Latinos value machosim and both communities strongly oppose the act of homosexuality, Homophobia from the Gringos just pales in comparision.

My interpretation of many comments here is that a non-black gay person HAS to tolerate a Black homophobe's mistreatment and let them step on you because a couple of racist gay Whites and the stupid notion that the Homophobia in EVERY ETHNIC COMMMUNITY is on the same level. Which everyone knows is a LIE.

Sorry for the outburst and the cursing here on this board but I'm going to take the BS from people on the PC simply because some of you decided to dismiss me as some angry teenager rather than someone is overwelmed with the BS most GAY youth go through. Especially in a ultra-conversative and macho culture.


You know what...Black people voted overwhelmingly for this anti-gay initiative. Sorry if blaming you people is not p.c but I am not feeling to generous right now what with being denied the right to marry whom I please and all. Stop making excuses for your bigotry in your community and work to change it!

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