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04 November 2008



The unpopularity is a typical British problem If he went out at night and got drunk and abused drugs and people. Brits would probably find him more palatable. They would recognise him as one of us. Its about time Britain took pride in winning and success. Instead of taking pride in binge drinking.


Underlying the dislike is racism. If he were white, with his reserve, self control, and pleasant manners he'd be called the perfect Englishman.

Henry TW

Of course it's to do with race. Every F1 driver is a tax exile, including every Brit. "He is confrontational. He is arrogant. He is selfish. In short, he is an entirely un-British sportsman"....erm how many WINNING British sportsmen does this not apply to? He is the other, un-british, non-white.

Roberto Lana

what a gorgeous young man


I concur with donovan. His behavior is beyond reproach. To dislike him for being a gentleman doesn't make sense. It is true that there is some type of underlying factor/s. The Times did not clarify what exactly the problem is, yet says what they feel the problem isn't. That's not reporting, that's slander.


Good for him, I saw on ESPN over the weekend that there were websites set up in Brazil that would make the KKK blush with some of the racial slurs and wishing all sorts of evil, horrible things upon him. He let his car do the talking and now they can deal with that.


He doesn't look that black to me.

patrick s

donovan and bill are right. lewis h is very reserved and well behaved. if he were white he would be a gentlemen, since he is black he is arrogant. but i am very proud of him, he is an inspiration to all os us.


'KGB', what does BLACK look like?

Really dumb statement.


His father is Grenadian so we in the Caribbean are very proud of him...


Again rod, thank you for your excellent worldwide coverage, this is truly an inspirational story...and to 'KGB' he is most definitely black..speak to any Spanish Formula 1 fan, who hate him with a passion


Lewis Hamilton is black and identifies as such.

FWIW, he is about the same complexion as my mom, aunts and uncles who are 100 percent black. We come in all colors and complexions.


I'm a Brit and I don't see or sense any of this 'coolness' towards Lewis Hamilton, WE LOVE HIM HERE and many believe he will be voted as the BBC's Sports Personality of the year. The Times are just talking shyt. Some people thought he was wrong to move to Switzerland and labelled him a tax exile but it's his life, his money, he can do whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't matter where he chooses to live, he's still British and represents Britain on the world sporting stage.


Henry TW

Kev, I'm not so sure about that. I'm an ex pat living in London, there does seem to be a certain amount of derision toward Lewis. Maybe that is just the press.


Henry TW

Exactly but Lewis is soo unpleasant-though which famous people aren't? The issue is his pr company, why are they not getting him to open hospices or local charity things which ALL people of his status would've? Is this from him or is this just bad/poor advice to him?

Of course this has to do with race but as a black person in the UK, you have to be pretty dumb to not realise you are a 3rd/4th class citizen, which means you have to work 10 x harder! He should look to Obama for inspiration!

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