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24 November 2008



whoa. that is a pretty azz mf'er.


You know....one part of me wants to say he is conceited and not like him. But he is a model and is supposed to look good. Those photos especially Rocforlife is OFF THE HOOK. And the lips and white white teeth are pretty i want to kiss him.

Ten in My Timz

I said it last week about Louis Smith and will say it again now.

Let me quote Florida Evans... "Dayumn, dayumn, dayumn!"


Meh.....Another pretty boy taking pictures. I'd rather see a real man.

His 'girlfriend' must be very trusting to let him take SHIRTLESS PICS WITH TYSON BECKFORD. They sure had fun backstage lol

Adam C

Not to get all political but it's nice to see a model and hot boy with so much passion about Obama. The superswagger is a super Obama fan.


Eh, I'm not impressed. He looks aiight, but when a brotha can't spell Barack Obama's name right in his blog...

Adam C

Hey, at least he's blogging about Obama and pulled the lever for him. Should we go through the black gay blogs that obsess over Beyonce and Janet?


The shirtless photos are tight but I likes the flicks where he is dressed up and glam.And I am also living for those lips and teeth man.

Flawless complexion his momma must be proud

Chris Cruz

"Should we go through the black gay blogs that obsess over Beyonce and Janet?"

You mean like "entertainment journalist" Clay Cane. OOOH let me stop he just finally wrote something about Prop 8. zzzz

I'm Deep

WTF? The superswagger says he is NOT A THUG? not interested...

I'll be glad when you talk about Allen Iverson and Carmelo those are real black men for ya I'm just sayin'...

Eddy Tolbert

I'm tired of thugs and all these good looking young men who want to wear their pants down and act thugged out. Give me a handsome young man in a suit any day and I'm happy.

Quniton M

ALLEN IVERSON? You would rather see a wife beater on this blog and say that is a 'real black man'?

I agree with Eddy. Too many thugs have ruined the black community.


I agree this boy is phyne and flawless. I like.

And Chris you were wrong for that. Leave our "leading black gay entertainment journalist" alone lol


And for someone whose screen name is I'm Deep ... your tastes are very ghetto and common.


Too pretty for me. I like to be the cute one and have no desire in a man who looks better than me.


I'm going to go out on a limb here but some of these comments are just pure hatin'. I would bet that mostb of Lamar's haters are bottoms and jealous. They know if Lamar were to mess around he would have the tops lined up around the block.


IF Lamar were to mess around?



Black, for your information yes, I am a queen and a very proud one and no I am not a 'hater.' I just like real men not pretty boys.

I have no idea is this young man straight gay or bi, he is a model probably bi or DL. But you are right the tops would love him, I am not interested in a man walking alongside me and all the tops are checking for him, no ma'am.


Ummm if you say Lamar is "too pretty" for you, I will take 'em! I like him, I like the pretty boy realness.

Those ballroom queens would LOVE t serve it like this.

Ebony Baby

OH GIRL PLEASE. The ballroom queens are serving it and then some.

Lamar gets Perfect 10s for face, I ain't even gonna lie.

The bitch lol

South Side

THAT ONE! I want that one.

Do you see that photo of him on the beach. Sigh ...

Lang B.

Yes another pretty faced male black model. Slighty lacking character and expression but still has the palette that the industry looks for.

Interesting he does not want kids but his girlfriend, on her myspace says "someday". HMMMMM! Slightly superficial/ temporal relationship in my eyes.

What would y'all take...

an average guy with a one pack and personality or a model with six pack abs with no personality?


I'll take the pecs and the six pack any day, thank you!


Lang, you makes good points. Sometimes I wonder do we put too much value into a pretty face or body. But to be fair he is 'just' a a model and not pretending to be any more dontcha think. If the clothes look good on him, he has done his job. If I want personality I won't sweat a model.


One more thing...Lang B I checked out your blogs ... I like where you are coming from but you sound very introspective and romantic ... I don't think a model is for you ;)

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