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24 November 2008



Okay, so he says he doesn't want kids. ??? That makes him a bad persona and SUPERFICIAL? I guess the majority of gay men are bad people and SUPERFICIAL then. At least he is being honest, too many brothas have babies and never want to be a father.

man oh man ... i have to agree with what someone said earlier in that many of us bring our own biases and preferences to how we look at men, especially our sexual hang ups and desires. i look at his blog and myspace and see a very handsome model having fun. i don't see animosity and hate and i see pics of family and friends as well as celebs. i see pics of friends from KANSAS as well as DIDDY.

i don't think lamar is any more or less superficial than any most young men, straight or gay, in new york city, los angeles or atlanta.


achingly beautiful..those eyes and cheek bones.. my my my...


I liked him ever since the Rocawear ads he did with Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova.....great attitude too

bryce collins

....The ballroom queens are serving it and then some....

Yes, the ballroom queens are 'serving it' at ballroom functions earning random prizes and 'legendary' in their own little worlds. Models are PAID hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour. We see their faces on commercials and billboards and REAL RUNWAYS. Big difference, my little friend.

And trust and believe he knows he is perfect 10s. Which is probably why the queens are coming for him.

bryce collins

and yes, i'm not a fan of the ballroom scene if it isnt obvious


yea i'm with D ... his attitude seems fine. he is not really my type of man but i don't get some of the comments.

Former COGIC

Whatever. It's really too bad we don't spend so much time and energy debating HIV or homophobia in the black community.

Grambling State

COGIC, no offense but there have been hundreds of comments in the last two weeks on homophobia and the black church. I know what you mean but we have been talking about that on this blog.


cogic, some of us have been having that debate all of our lives. it's ok to have a little fun every now and then.


I'm with Freeleo. We talk about important things and we talk about fun things. Just looking at a fw pictures of this very hot young man will not harm anyone.

I just can't get over his eyes.

Man I bet he needs a hurtin', I volunteer


I'm sorry I don't see a st8 boi....rotflmao


Okay? i don't see anything straight about "that one"... He is gorgeous, likes to play dress up, meticulously groomed and is dating a "model."

And she looks very masculine I am sure he likes her to play rough. If they play at all.


good gawd, that don't make no kind of sense


(biting my lip)

Jeff Summers

Lamar really is the hotness. the complexion is smooth like butter. his blog is fun, i don't think he is taking himself that seriously


The subway photo is stunning.

Lang B.

Warren- You are right- I am more the romantic type.I am am in the film industry so I look for image and personality which I have encountered too.

Travis- I did not say HE was superficila I was just observing the relationship more from his girlfriend's point. Just thought that it could be problomatic if she wants to go further in their relationship when the lights and fame fades and she wants kids and he doesn't. I just wondered what are they together for?

Just my observation that has no effect on his pretty self.

Linda Loa

He is very good for the urban thing...I don't see high fashion in him and that's okay..not everyone is made to do "high fashion"....He seems like a very sweet and genuine guy...

Lamar James

Thanks for the love guys. Good and Bad. Its all good. Boy its hard to hear your name in negative light but i guess it comes with the job. Thanks for the love everyone. Also, its always a pleasure to be blogged. Check me out anytime at www.superswagger.com

the dude

MIKE/THE DUDE ... Do not leave profanity in comments. And out of almost 50 comments, yours were the first to suggest hooking up. Not the most effective way to holla at a model, dude. RM

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