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07 November 2008



I'm so very sorry that all happened. I attended that protest and personally did not witness anything like that. I think people were hurt and angry and inappropriately scapegoated African Americans and spread hate. I voted for Obama. I stood next to many African Americans at many protests this past week. We need to stand together against a tyrannical majority instead of fighting each other. Just because we were hurt, we shouldn't hurt anyone else and vice versa. Please don't spread more hate towards the LGBT community when there is so much hate going around as it is.


this just shows how racist the gay white community is towards gay black people.blks only represent like 7% of the population in california.they need to be lookin at all them whites that voted against prop8 and called them dirty white trash.in the eyes of white gays we are niggers first gay second,remember that.

Mark in DC

I find it interesting that you would remove comments like the one listed here:

"At least a dozen racist comments have been removed from this blog since Tuesday, such as, "Thank you Black people for denying gay people the same rights that you
deserve and have", "

But at the same time you leave others up that are just as offensive, like :

"the hoods came off mighty quick!
that massa mentality is never far from the surface. they feel HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE DENY US OUR RIGHTS because we helped you get a president. we have been denied our rights for centuries ... and amazingly many white gays dont
understand we are black and gay too"


"You said it all, Rod--and these ignorant faggots are too stupid to realize that. Their battle is in the courts (state & federal).
The emotions that are aroused are frightening. I'm sitting here imagining the Crypts and the Bloods stumbling upon one of these Gay KKK rallies."

If the first quote is racist then certainly the two listed after, taken directly from your blog,
fall into the same catagory and should be removed as well along several more that are even

I voted for Barack Obama. Not because he's Black, he isn't. He's Bi-Racial, but that had no
bearing on why I voted for him ither. He is no "Messiah"or "The One" or "the Anti-Christ" as some would have us believe. I voted for him because he is the best hope for the future of this nation.
He is the best chance we have of regaining our standing in the world. He is the true beacon of light, of hope, ethics, & the dream of America made real. He
will change the world into a better place to live.

Yes, I'm a white gay man living in the state of Virginia with my partner of 27 yrs. We have always believed that discrimnation against anyone is unacceptable. We have backed that with both money and time many other discriminated groups, some of which were Black national & local orginizations. I do not believe or hold that the Black voters of California caused Prop 8 to pass. I believe that ignorace and intolerance exists in every race & religon on the planet in some form or another with a few execptions. I believe that most gay people (not just white) felt shocked, betrayal, & dismay by another minority that truley understood what daily,yearly,100's of years historically discrimination was all about. That certainly they wouldn't vote for discrimination against some one else. Let me make it clear, even if all the Black voters in California voted no on Prop 8, it still would have passed.For those of you that have blogged that White gays can't understand or fully appreciate discriminaton based on colour of skin, you're right.No one, except the victims of such vile behavor could ever understand that.

Haveing lived in Washington D.C. / Baltimore area for close to 30 yrs I have enjoyed going to a large assortment of Gay Clubs & small neighborhood bars. I have to say that bigotry based on race in the Gay community is a two way street. I cannot count the times I have gone to a Black Gay bar (no I wasn't looking for a big Black Dick I was looking to unwind & have a good time) and been on the recieveing end of hatefilled, raceist remarks, & minor physical abuse. All because I was White.
The message was very clear: you may be gay, but you don't belong in "our" bar because you're not Black. Granted, it was a small taste of colour discrimination, but my point is that colour discrimination happens in every race. All of it is inexcusable.

We as gay people all share a common historical world wide history of torture, castration, being stoned to death, being sent to prison camps, mental
institutions, subjected to human experimentation. All of this happend for thousands of years, long befor the United States existed. Befor many nations of Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, or The African Continet existed as we have known them for many hunreds of years.
It happened in the clans, the villages, hamlets, tribes, and roaming nomads. Hatred of gay people has existed for a very long time. For a short time gay people in the United States United together, After the "Stonewall Event". It became a time of
banding together no matter the race, creed or religous belief. Our one great cause was the
fight to be who we are, together. In many small towns or cities there was only one or two choices of places we could go secretly without the fear of being beaten or harrased.We ALL went there, whereever "there" was in celibration of who we were. We were all Gay. We hadn't divided ourselves into our small petty devisions or group identificatons:
Drag Queens, Lesbians, Dykes, Bikers, S&M'rs, Straight Acting, Bi-sexual, Transgenders,
Cross Dressers, and the list goes on & on from there - but you get the idea. We have strayed collectively from our original binding fight & celibration of our self awarness. We have semi closeted "straight acting" gays that don't like Drag queens, Bikers, Butch Dykes & others because they feel that they are a detriment to the gay cause of acceptance. People of all races & gender living on the down-lo for what ever reason they have, be it cultural, religon, or self loathing, or another reason all together. We as, a minority,
are made of every race, religon, culture, and minority on the face of the Earth. Yet, we who have so much in common constantly discriminate against our own
brothers & sisters. It gets worse every year that goes by. How can we expect to be treated as equals by society at large when we can't even accept the differences amongst our selves? We will never gain acceptance as long as we are willing to blame others of our kind for being part of the problem.

I had a very smart, wise friend at one time. He had a simple philosiphy & dream, that ended
in world peace. It was quite simplistic in theory. If gay people could find a way to see
beyond our differences, gain the power of true unity. We could then teach it to the rest of the
world. If our, the most diverse minority on earth, at every given time in the worlds history,
could see past our own selfish individual needs for the greater good. We could eventually
lead the world to peace thru selfless example act of unity. Can we find a way to start here?


I went to the rally in Seattle on Saturday and after reading the statements on these blogs my ears and eyes were wide open to see if there was any racism. I saw none. On the contrary, I saw women and men of all races being apxlauded at the microphone. I saw the crowd cheer seemingly unanimously when ``our first black president`` was mentioned. I saw MLK and Coretta, Bayard Rustin and other black leaders being quoted and applauded. The speakers asked for us all to unite in a positive way to reach out to ethnic and religious communities. I think I heard about two slapstick toned ``boos`` when the main speaker of the day mentioned that he is a Mormon and a thousand times as many people applauding when he talked about how we need to be respectful of others` religious views while building coalitions so that they can understand why legal equality is important.
I was also holding the hand of my man the whole time, and we`re an interracial couple.
However, when I go onto the internet I see right wing blogs reklaying over and over a ``gay crowd attacking a Christin elderly lady.`` (In reality she was yelled at and her styrofoam cross was stomped on by what, as far as I can tell in the video, is one crazy sounding guy.}
I also read over and over that someone was called a nigger by some random attendee (from whose side, REALLY, I don`t know} at a rally in Los Angeles. So we had, what, 3OO rallies on the weekend with maybe somewhere close to a million attending and someone in one city got called names by SOMEONE.
Hey, I don`t live in Los Angeles, but I have never even met a racist gay white person. I have certainly never met any gay white man I know of who would vote to take away the civil rights of blacks. I mean, even Dan Savage`s column is mild compared to actually taking away rights from others, and I can imagine that much more pointed columns would be angrily written if 52% of voters had just decided to write blacks out of the protections of the constitution that apply to others.
Call me naive or explain why I`m wrong if you will, but I really do wonder if this ``racism`` exists as anything more than an EXTREME anomaly.


Oh! Now watch them go after the latinos too!


I thought I would look up the statistics so that I could educate any ignorant people that come to me with that rhetoric...that's the only real way to stop the flames. If they're educated, they'll see the real deal. If they're idiots, they'll ride the scapegoat.

"Estimated number of black voters in California election (10%) = 1,084,207...
And so if as the one poll suggests a full 70% voted for Prop 8, then if NO BLACKS voted on Prop 8 or Blacks were split 50/50 (essentially like whites) the measure would still have passed by nearly 62,000 votes ..." http://queertoday.ning.com/profiles/blogs/from-qwb-on-prop-8-racism-and

are cee

You people need to get over yourselves, if you want to marry move to Europe. We are not about to commit self-genocide because you can’t control your deviant lifestyle choices.


Most blacks are homophobic.
Most whites are homophobic.

When only 53% of whites voted NO on proposition 8 in probably THE most liberal state in the country, it says something about how America feels about homosexuality.

So either:

A. Fight to make sure your rights are never put to a popular vote again.

B. Get Americans, black, white etc. to like you more.

If you're going to vent and scream insults at blacks, then you deserve what you get.

We don't care if you say nigger.

You'll still die of AIDS.

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