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11 November 2008


Thomas M

Wow. That is a very good question.How many boots were on the ground and how much outreach done to black people.


I read that article by Jasmyne earlier. I'm glad she wrote it. As a black person who supports gays rights, I've felt really attacked by all this scapegoating that's been going on lately. Yes, the black community needs to work on its homophobia, but yelling nigger at black "no on prop 8" supporters is not helping.

Straight Talk

well, i am straight, and i found that every black person that i knew who voted yes on 8 had some bullshit excuse for doing so , when the real reason was just their own fear of their own homosexuality, and their fear of a homophobic so called christian community. period. so look to yourself before you start declaring others are scapegoating.

Lee Adleigh

Well, I voted NO and am appalled at the racism I have seen and the spewing of the n-word as if there are no black gays and lesbians and, as if that ridiculous number that CNN threw out is fact.

The No on 8 should have had grass roots efforts to reach blacks, and also Asians and Hispanics who also voted for it.

They ran a poor campaign and have no one to blame but themselves and all the racial slurs and baiting from some of the bigots of the gay community shows, they really are living above everyone else and need to be blaming the Mormon's and Catholics and that 27% of gay GOP'ers who probably voted for it as well.


You pretty much hit it on the head. While over at DailyKos, I keep seeing Prop 8 opponents blame the Mormons, Evangelicals, Blacks, etc. But ultimately the failure was entirely on them. Did they ever have commercials showing real gay married couples? Did they ever attempt to make straight people see how their marriages were as important to them as the straights' marriages were to the straights?

The failure to keep gay marriage legal was entirely the fault of the gays. Their failure. I hope Cali's gay population learns from this campaign, and mounts a more effective campaign to relegalize gay marriage in 2010.


There were many progressive black folks like me who voted no, and I do my part to try to spread a progressive vibe & educate folks whenever the topic of gay rights comes up, as does my husband. But blacks folks are steeped deeply in the church, and it will talk a little more time for us as a whole to catch up on this issue. But again, blaming and scapegoating will surely only make attitudes harden--outreach like yours with compassion and understanding and listening is much, much more effective!


I don't think any rational person can dispute the fact that the No on 8 people had multiple failed strategies for addressing African-American voters in California. I think the pro-gay marriage groups were totally unprepared to face the hyper-funded efforts of the anti-marriage groups. And any racial scapegoating by gay groups is shameful.

But the fact is, Californians voted in favor of the rights of chickens and pigs in this year's ballot questions. Proposition 8 was not a neutral vote to maintain the status quo; it was a reversal of rights. The people who voted Yes on 8 voted to take away rights granted by the state supreme court to their fellow Californians. Voting yes on 8 was not the same as not caring about the issue. It's clearly about feeling personally invested in the outlawing of gay marriage.


I honestly don't understand why it's a problem for anybody to talk about Black homophobia, insofar as Black homophobia is not so radically different from general homophobia. While some of the more nuanced aspects of homophobia within the Black community are probably best addressed by African-American gay folks (of which, no doubt, California has quite a few), it is way too gigantic a burden to place specifically on Black gay folks to change the impression of their entire racial community. Multi-racial coalitions of individuals who can be productive advocates for gay rights within many different communities seem to me to be an excellent and viable public relations solution.

As a white adult child of gay parents, I am always thrilled to speak to any group or individual who is willing to listen to me about my experiences. And I think that our president-elect has taught us that stories about our diverse roads and complicated family backgrounds actually have a uniting effect rather than a divisive one.


ooh can we TALK about Andrew Sullivan?

can we talk about his beliefs that HIV/AIDS doesn't REALLY exist and he champions barebacking?

can we talk about his obsessive issues with race but his very obvious lust for black dick?

i mean, i get that the white gurls worship Andrew Sullivan, but he's a problematic hatemonger who should not be given license to speak on these matters.

it's too bad schools can't revoke degrees for idiotic alums, because I think harvard is embarrassed to claim him right now...

William Crowe



Andrew Sullivan is sexual obsessed with black men...that is why he lusts after Obama. Sullivan wants milky loads.

Derrick from Philly

Why is it so easy for so many white gays angry over Prop 8 to attack black gays? Because those particular bitches didn't like black folks to begin with.

I still say that black folks have a difficult time believing that marriage rights for gays is a civil right--a human right.

And as Rod said yesterday, you don't put minority people's human/civil rights up for a vote. In the 1960s, I wouldn't be surprised if most white homosexuals would have voted "YES" to ban integration of the public schools, or "NO" to anti-discrimination laws. They certainly would have voted "NO" to integrating gay bars in the 70s.

This issue will go back to the courts--where it should have never been allowed to leave.


so what if there were not any black gay couples, it proves nothing

and you can GO TO HELL for slandering ANDREW SULLIVAN he is courageous and independent

Topanga Canyon

Sullivan is not a racist, he supports Obama. And very tacky to discuss his personal life, not very grateful are you people

O Town

Most gay conservative have black man fetish. Sullivan is no different

Henry E

Franco, you don't know what YOU are talking about. Sullivan was a Bush cheerleader and warmonger. He hated Clinton because she is a woman. He is a tool.

Topanga Canyon

O Town and Henry you are fools. Very quick to call anyone a racist. Obama would not be so sad.



look m, I’m a white man, whom has only dated black men. I understand the frustration from reading this shit on here. I don’t believe the “black community” need be the only one blamed, in this election. I feel like the churches, whether they are white,black,hispanic,asian, hindu,catholic,christian,jehovah’s witness,budha,mormon,jewish & so on,& so on. These communities of religion, are however guilty of voting yes on prop 8. I don’t live in California, but I do live in Florida, and we are now, never to be considered equal to the straight communities beliefs on marriage.


I am a GWM who always sided with my beautiful black GBM and do think that the black community has and will always have fingers pointed at them. It is extremely sad to see the finger pointers letting loose on here, their beliefs are not shared by all. I will wear my Obama button everyday for the rest of my life, because I believe he is a true man, one whom has had the same experiences that the black communities have had, and are now having from racist,white folk.

Chas. A. Stevens

Wow, so much blame to go around, blame the churches, blame the black people, how about a gay rights establishment that has operated through the courts for years instead of trying to presuade the very people that vote on measures like this. No court decision will stand in the long term without public support. Instead of trying to get this amendment overturned again in the court, we should mount a campaign to overturn in with another amendment at the next election. Gay marriage will not be legitmate or safe in california until it passes a referedu


blame every white person who did not support the ban. I blame were white gay person that voted for MCain Palin, I blame every gay white person that did not vote and I blame every white gay person on this site that has turned this into a race fight.

Derrick from Philly

"so what if there were not any black gay couples, it proves nothing"

Well, FRANCO, it proves that blacks are invisible to the dominant gay culture/gay communities until we do something wrong--or something they view as wrong. Then they notice us.

The support given to gay rights causes from the Black Congressional Caucus, Governors Deval & Patterson--blacks in leadership positions-- seem to mean nothing. Only that 70% of Black Californians voting "Yes on 8"...well, keep it up, next time it may be 90%.

Andy Niable

Very strong excoriation, Rod, and careful assignment of responsibility. Thank you.

Time for us to pick up the pieces now and try to fix this. Together.

Greg G

'The support given to gay rights causes from the Black Congressional Caucus, Governors Deval & Patterson--blacks in leadership positions-- seem to mean nothing. Only that 70% of Black Californians voting "Yes on 8".'

Speak out, Derrick! Except I am not endorsing that 70% figure.

Derrick from Philly

"...not very grateful are you people"

Topanga, are whites who call black gays "niggers" while they're also protesting "Yes on Prop. 8" --are they grateful to Governor Deval Patrick or Governor David Patterson?

And white gays should have been grateful to vote for Obama for their own good. If the issue of marriage rights for gay people ends up in the federal courts--who do you want deciding who sits on those courts, and utimately, the US Supreme Court?

" not very grateful..."
Oh, child, please.

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