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05 November 2008



I loved his speech. He was trying to show how inclusive he is. He could have left that out now that he got the job, but he didn't. I hope that inclusiveness trickles down through the states.

Nathan James

We stand on the threshold of a bright new future. An Obama presidency will finally secure for the LGBT community a place at the American table. I'm looking forward to the fulfillment of the dream of diversity which I have imagined all my life. I look to, and hope for, this time in which I know that the promise that "you, too, can be President" is REAL!


oh I caught it and i'm extremely grateful that we have a president-elect who has acknowledged my existence and right to be a full citizen in almost every major address that he's made first to our nation and now to the world. can you feel a brand new day?


I love Barack. I too hope that the inclusivity doesn't stop here. Did I say I love him? He knows from whence he came and where he's going. I can't help but respect and love a man like that...and I'm proud to have him as MY PRESIDENT...!


I'll have to review the tape, but from where I was standing in the park (waaaaay in back), the mention of gays got the biggest response. There are some in the gay community who will not embrace Obama simply because he is not 100% for marriage equality. But he is clearly leap years ahead of other politicians in that he is inclusive and open to gay and lesbian issues, and as Rod stated, will speak of our humanity to folks that don’t always embrace us. Obama, with the help of us all, will move the country to a more progressive place and restore the standing of America in the world.

N8tive Pride

I too caught the comment, but for a gay Native American it was soo good to hear both!! I certainly have hope at the dawn of this new era.

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