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06 November 2008



Good gawd.

Henry TW

Now that is a gorgeous young man and we are quite proud of him.

And a role model for all young Britons! Louis is fit, he looks great, is an outstanding sportsmen and can sing. He was going to appear on X Factor.

Have to hand it to you, Rod, you know how to find what the Americans and Brits are thinking.


That is really a gay interview.
But that photo is offdachain.


Never heard of him. He looks sexy but odd. Maybe that is the half Jamaiacan thing.

But isn't he the first black to medal in gymnastics?


meh another multi-racial exotic athlete....i will be glad when you post someone more black such as allen iverson, jerome bettis, dwayne wade etc...not everyone cares for gymnasts or brits i'm just sayin'

Derrick from Philly

It's quite all right for young men to admire themselves when they're half-naked. I wish they'd let me admire them too--up close and personal.

....but I aint puttin' out no money, honey. I got my pride... and a pitiful checking account.


NN, if i am not mistaken you have said that before. I respectfully disagree with you. Black comes in all colors and complexions. We now have an American president who is Black but is multi-racial and multi-ethnic. Not every black person is black American with roots in the deep south. My father is Trinidad and my mother is Canadian and I grew up in Canada. So I am also bi-racial and Canadian and feel just as black as others in my country. I am trying to connect with other black gay men in the States and diaspora that is why I am here.


i am stuttering look at that back, that boy is stacked very nice, hmmm


Yes, that is a great idea, let's talk about Allen Iverson, with his gang tattoos and domestic abuse charges filed by one of his baby's mommas. SMH


Lovely young man. The discipline it must take to achieve what he has. And that body...perfection.

Darren W

Sheesh here we go again. There are many, many shades of black, fro, cafe au lait to mahogany. I love them all and from all different countries. I'm actually one of those who likes to read about news pertaining to black gay men in this country and to lean about black men across the world.

I think that if anything, Barack Obama's election should demonstrate that we are not all the same


Thanks for the feature Rod! I'm a former gymnast and huge fan of gymnastics, and this boy is clearly "built" for the sport! Yes, you are definitely correct in your description of Smith being the 2nd Black male gymnast to win an Olympic Medal...Jair Lynch won the 1st medal in the 96 Atlanta games, a silver on the parallel bars. He was a compact cutie too!!!


Mr. Smith is far from compact he is at least 5'10. With his sexy ass.


LOL...good one rod with the tattoo joke..


LOL...good one rod with the tattoo joke..



Luis Vasquez

NN, you are clowning man. Homophobe and wife beater ALLEN IVERSON? Not for me, I'd rather see these hot hot hot black men from all around the world.


It's always sexy looking at a gymnast. You can just imagne them in every position lol

Derrick from Philly

"It hurts and it stretches you to your limits. But,..."

I was wondering what Freeleo was laughing about. I just noticed that. What the hell....stop!


yea i bet it does hurt when you stretch to your limits lol


oh there is always some queen to try to play hall monitor ... i would prefer to look at the pretty gymnast


Louis Smith, Barack Obama, Lewis Hamilton, Colin Powell, Tiger Woods, Ken Chenault. So many handsome black men are claiming their seat at the head of the table. I love it


the comments about the tattoo sound very ghey. actually his whole interview screams GHEY but i aint mad tho. if he came to brooklyn the homothugs would be all over him


yeah i'd hit that

Gio Brindisi

un bello es magnifico

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