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19 November 2008



one of the most appealing thing about Oraine's scar is that he didn't get it being a thug, or in prison, but as a victim. I have a cousin who has a similar story of a scar and he has the most difficult time finding work. most would-be employers see the scar and immediately think that he got it as a result of being in jail. now Oraine, with his scar, is in one of the highest paying profession in the world. thanks for the post Rod.

S. Flemming

I must be naive ... but it would never dawn upon me to say that somebody with a scar on his face was in jail or in a gang. Damn, that's just so ... I don't even know. I know people with facial scars they got from childhood falls or any number of things. But maybe it's just me. Nonetheless, he's quite handsome and I'm glad it is not holding him back.


Another of my favorite models....I actually like his scar, and happy people FINALLY stopped retouching it out of pictures....(I think it started with Flaunt)


Rod, you can be late with posts anytime you want to, so long as you bring Oraine along (Late Slip not necessary!:)

PS: I think what you imagine when you see someone with a scar depends on where you are/where you live. While some scarring I recognize as being from African rituals, so many of the scars on guys here are from fights, etc, that it's become 'natural' to make that kind of assumption.


He's a pretty hot guy n i personally know his scar was'nt from jail or being a gangster.This hottie was rob and slashed in his face by some caused by some jealous bitch

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