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07 November 2008



I doubt this kind of talk is going on in a lot of BCS locker rooms across the country, because most D 1 football teams are majority Black.

Had he said something like this aloud in the UT locker room he would have been beat up.


Amazing that this, and, I'm lost here how you can be a 'good old boy' while being nothing but a two bit racist.

As for the gay children who defend him, they could care less if he is a racist or not, as on most of those sites the only thing that matters is if he is deemed 'hot' or not, nothing else matters with many of them since they will defend a homophobic killer if he is 'hot'

And, just this week in Richmond, CA, a cop was fired for standing next to a guy in a KKK out fit, Hispanic guy, doing a Hitler salute and said they aren't racist either.

And, lastly, the Police chief of Palo Alto telling her force to stop every black man, especially those in a doo rag and question them about a rash of robberies at Bart stations, but, she didn't mean any harm and said it wasn't racial profiling.

The people of good will voted in the most qualified guy for President this week, but, there are many who have a long way to go, and, so, Buck, deal with it, there is a n(**&^ in the White House, and, all you got was back in the out house and, way to go Texas Tech for the beatdown you gave his team last wek.

Derrick from Philly

There are some folks who see it as their duty to come on this blog and others to continually remind that President Obama "is NOT black, he is bi-racial". Will y'all please tell good ol' boys like this idiot cracka' above so they'll stop making threats against our new president.

Oh, but maybe in the minds of red-neck trash a black and a bi-racial are both still niggers. That's been the case for about 300 years, Tiger.

S. Flemming

Wow ...


trust me, there will be alot more to come....


was the secret service called? this was threat against the president elect.

Lang B.

Good point Freelo.
Let 5 black guys stand in front the white house and there would be a swat team and they wouldn't have to say a or do a thing wrong.

I do not believe public apologies anymore. Oh sorry, I realize now that I am not a racist- your over 7 years old - you big DUMMY.

man know thyself.


Burnette claiming he's not a racist is bull. posting that message is exactly what a racist would do.

good to see Mack kicked him off the team with a swiftness. i'm hopeful he leaves the university altogether.

and Secret Service is aware but not commenting on whether they are investigating.


was i the ONLY one receiving text messages during the 1st 48 hours (after the election) callin white people "crackas?"

i didn't find ANY of them funny & asked everyone sending them to remove me from their forward list...

racist "jokes" are UGLY, period.


HE is a kid. From the sticks. Give him a break. When did it become a crime to be stupid. Do you think none of the rednecks feel this way. Wake up. Thats what rednecks do.One day at a time. Forgive. This is the land of the free, cant you hate who you want to? If not I need the list of people who get a free pass as to not hurt anyones feelings with my hate. Hell people hate Bush and thats ok. But if someone hates obama then its off the team?



I meant IDIOT... just because that's what rednecks do doesn't make it right, dumb-azz.

People hate Bush cause destroyed the world economy by staying a war too long that cost us(black,white,brown, etc.) billions per year.

Scott supports racist people so he must be one too.

This football player is a RACIST!


Too bad he's a redneck from the sticks because he's kinda cute...oh well. Maybe dude's just mad because his sister is "backing up" for one of his ex. teammates.

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