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06 November 2008


South Side

That is a GLORIOUS statement from that Jena Fredrique and a BEAUTIFUL picture with her son.

I will be the first to admit I have not seen the film but will be going out tomorrow. Kudos to Mr. Polk.


Kudos to Patrik Ian Polk for making a fine movie we ALL can enjoy. And what an AFFIRMATION to see a black gay man not only making a movie bit STANDING UP LITERALLY for our community.

Motown's Finest


chris cruz

Rod this is exellent news Patrick Ian Polk is speaking with you and having a conversation. Please tell him I appreciated his series and just saw his film, driving two hours to go see it. i encourage everyone to do the same.


Mr. Polk is 100 percent absolutely positively correct. We need to stop this DL nonsense and COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE. Too many times we are afraid to be seen and be heard and be known. We think it is slick to be closeted to our family and out to all our friends and at the club. FOOLISHNESS...Well this propisition passed because too many of us are hiding and afraid to be known.

Femme 4 Femme

I expect nothing less of Patrick Ian Polk. He is a great director and writer with a wonderful heart. This man is doing everything he can to create beautiful black gay images and advance gay rights.

Glenn in Glendale

Prop 8 is unconstitutional, period, and it will be overturned on that basis. The unavoidable legal truth of Prop 8, or any others simular to it, is that religious/biblical doctrine is the entire legal foundation and basis for this type of law/constitutional ammendment, and that legal fact makes it unarguably unconstitutional.

The question is, will the state supreme court hear the case ? If and/or when they do, the supreme court justices are sworn to uphold the Constitution, not the Bible, and Prop 8 will be overturned just like the recent California ruling did, just like the sodomy ruling before that, etc, etc, etc.

WE THE PEOPLE are the government, and it is our voice that needs to demand equality for ALL, no exceptions… and to the ‘Christians’ that voted to pass this ammendment, I remind you of the words of Jesus to those that crucified him… Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)… you just passed a law that removed legal/constitutional rights of all of the Matthew Sheppard’s of the world, you tied him up to that fence, then stood careful watch over his frozen body until he gasped his last breath. Somehow, I don’t understand how you could ever look your GOD in the eyes, no matter who you see that entity as being, and try to explain or justify your actions or lack of them by your ignorant failure to do the one thing God demands of all of us… protecting and loving every single one of God’s children… THAT is your DUTY, no excuses, no exceptions !

Yes, as a gay man I am angry over this injustice that was perpetrated by the church, and yes, every single church that participated and used their tax exempt status/money for the passage of this ammendment, should lose that status forever, starting right NOW. But most of all, I am sickened to find myself surrounded by people that just used ‘their’ constitutionally protected rights to remove mine, and in doing so, ignored the thousands of biblical references to taking care of the least amongst us, judge not, those without sin cast the first stone, and on and on and on, yet removed mine over a few biblical ‘manipulated’ interpretations that in the ‘current’ version’s speak against the ’sin’ of gay people. I hope you are proud of yourselves !


I’m just so tired… Tired of the hatred. Tired of my lack of rights. Tired of oppression in the guise of religion. Tired of financing my own discrimination.
I have no idea what to do about though. Nothing seems to work.
If the GLBT community could just come together and stop funding our own discrimination, perhaps that would help. Perhaps people would realize that we’re a valid and vital part of this country.
(sigh) but I am tired….

Red Bone

Thank you Patrik Ian Polk and thank you Jennia Fredrique. Bless your son and your family.

Greg G

This is very nice, we need to see more black LGBT people in this fight. Maybe if we had more black faves it would not have passed.

I'm very curious, why is this movie headed to Palm Springs, are there many black gay men out there?


This is a surprise, is this the first time you have spoken with Patrick Ian Polk? Interesting because he was not very pleasant to you Rod in the Advocate. Which I am somewhat surprised you haven't mentioned.

Burying the hatchet is good. There should not be "beef" between the country's top black gay director and the leading blogger and journalist.


you can go to the movie site for theaters...noahsarcmovie dot com

But in Detroit it's playing at:
Maple Art Theatre
4135 W Maple Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

Nice article. Jennia is a beautiful girl.

O Town

Is the movie coming to Oakland?


This is very nice. Rod I have criticized you several times on the election and Noah's Arc but you are THE resource on this groundbreaking film. I think its masterful that Patrik Ian created a movie that was so timely and youhave discussed the news, political and cultural implications. Bravo!


Yes, it's coming to San Francisco this weekend too.


this is touching to see such a little boy at such a momentous occasion.


And WHERE IS RODNEY CHESTER??? Inquiring minds want to know ...

Harry A

I've said this before, the actors of Noah's Arc are brave and that is even more true of the show's creator. Patrik Ian Polk is in the streets, my brothas, holding up signs and marchin with one friend and a baby. No entourage here, no video cameras.

Luis Vasquez

The photos are a nice touch. It's very good to see Patrik out there and releasing the movie at this time was genius.

I'm loving that Obama shirt. That is what Noah's Arc is all about, reaching your potential and going for your dream.

Steve Rivera

Well I am very happy to read this exchange. I don't think Polk or Logo knew Proposition 8 wold be on the ballot at this time, they just wanted to release a movie before that would not be buried in the holiday rush. But its a fine movie, i saw it the day it opened and am glad to hear it will be in San Francisco, I went down to the LA premiere.


If is coming to Houston I will be there. I am in Dallas and am a HUGE fan of the series.

And how cute is that little boy. Jena Fredrique (sp?) deserves congratulations. This movie deserves our support.


How BRAVE is Rodney Chester if he is basically PLAYING HIMSELF. So where was HE? At the CLUB?

Femme 4 Femme

Tolliver, this story has nothing to do with Rodney Chester...its about the battle for marriage equality and the personal time and activism of the director of Noah's Arc and one of its starts.. it's also about how we black gay people need to get more involved in our issues and to asert ourselves. I love this movie because it shows femme black gay men, such as myself, in a positive light.For that I thank the director and stars.

I am honored we have a gay black director who is out and takes the time to be an activist. Someone made a very good point earlier, Mr Polk had an no entourage, it looks very spur of the moment,. We should be honored he came to Rod 2.0, and focus on the event.


Brandy is HOTTTTT.


Believe it or not, seeing these photos of Patrik Ian Pol at the rally has changed my impression of him. As some of y';all might remember, I'm not the biggest fan of the series but I definitely now will see the film.

I'm very pleased to hear the director talk about something so important. And personally on my favorite blog.

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