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13 November 2008



good lord. gay terrorist.


What is really sickening is a church who claims to teach the teachings of Christ, yet discriminates against human beings who do not follow their particular point of view.

Very sickening.

Ricky B

LOL..First of all Mormons provided 77% of the money and 95% of the volunteers. Most Catholics followed in their time honored tradition of blatently defying their church leaders.

We're not going to leave the Mormons alone. Stop hiding behind your temples. You got involved in politics, now you get to be treated like a political group.

But back on the topic. If Mormons wish to spend 100 million dollars over 10 years in multiple states preventing live consenting Gays to marry, perhaps they should stop their practice of marrying nonconsenting dead people.

I'd actually go as far as to say the Mormons should stop marrying ANY dead people. It makes you guys look really bizarre and really creepy.


It is a creepy thing. It is also very disrespectful. These people are imposing their will on someone who is no longer around to contest it. The belief that people who don't belong to the Mormon church are not going to live with their families in heaven is contrary to Christian teaching in itself.

Any church that is actively engaging in politics (and I am not refering to what members of a church do on their own time) should lose their tax exempt status.

The Mormon Church

RICKY ... What was the percentage of Mormons who voted for the ban? 75% of the blacks voted for the ban. Where's the outrage there? Or I guess that would be considered racist? You can thank all those Obama supporters for getting out the black vote.


The truth is that when churches play politics, the American taxpayer subsidizes these activities, because of the tax-exempt status that churches in this country claim and enjoy.

This is wrong - if churches wish to play politics, they need to also pay their own way.

BTW - did you have to choose to be straight? FYI - people are born gay, just as you were born straight.


So churches must "pay their own way" but unions and activists like the HRC, Emily's List, NARAL, NOW and the NAACP must not?

Oh, I forgot, none of them "play politics"!
What a riot!

Liberalism is a mental illness and clearly intellectually inferior--whether or not Prop 8 should have passed.

How do we expect to win with weak mental firepower like the comment above? Seriously, did you not think this through?


you answered your own question jon. all of the organizations you listed are not religious institutions. if the church wants to be involved in politics on a large scale then they should pay taxes and be subject to the rules.

S. Flemming

Boy they are getting off the chain ... damn.


@ The Mormon Church, yes it is considered racist when the 75% number has been discredited all over the net for not representing an accurate number of Blacks who supported Yes On 8. CNN’s polling was very flawed and unfortunately white gay bloggers ran with it. Even if the 75% were true, the real number of eligible Black voters could not have swayed the results. Check here:


But of course people bent on scapegoating and not questioning their own racism don't pay attention to facts.


the mormon church has always been a racist group, and its too bad some black church people were stupid enough to go along with them - on the other hand, once again the racism of white gay men is revealed once again!


Forget you gays the day that gay marriage is accepted the day america will be destroyed.

The Mormon Church

Ray, you are wrong my little friend.

The LDS church, in and of itself, did not make donations to run so called deceptive ads. We were encouraged to donate money and time to the cause, but we did not have to. None of us were forced to do anything we could not or did not want to do. Why protest a building? Really. all this does is make those who protest look like bitter spoiled children.


It is truly sad that white gays have become racists against black gays in this mockery of blame tha African American voters are the blame. They have not fact checked or thought with reason. We can put these people in good company with O'Reilly for perpetuating the fraud.

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