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12 December 2008



For some reason I'm not that shocked by this, since, most black folks, especially those who claim to be save, sanctified and filled with the "holy ghost," are more "conservative" and out of touch with reality on social issues than the white evangelicals.

The real test will be if he can be VOTED OUT of office next time he's up for re-election and members of the glbt community are going to have to fight him with the truth and facts, not emotion, as he will use that against them.


Luther, you forgot one..and that with fire...sounds COGIC to me...

Saeed Jones

Wow.. "The gays are calling my office." Well, if you are an elected official, it shouldn't come as a surprise that from time to time your constituents will call you to voice their concerns. It's called democracy, man.


To jump ship over gay marriage wow. Are we sure he isn't fighting a internal battle within himself. I find it ludicrous and kind of suspect that you would give up your principles and turn your back on your community to join a party that doesn't give a damn about your people as well as gay people it just baffling to me. Gay marriage may be major for us a gay people but its minor compared to other things going on in society right now, so to jump ship only because of gay marriage I just don't understand. Maybe he always wanted to be a republican and now he finally has an excuse to finally go for it.


Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much ...

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