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01 December 2008


Derrick from Philly

So long, Larry. Although federal prisons aren't supposed to be too rough. Shame it's not a state crime. Nothing like a good ol' Alabama state prison to humble a crooked politician.

Taylor Siluwé

My mother always said never EVER take pleasure in other peoples pain. But since I doubt she reads this blog ...


ANd that link about the porn star/wannabe computer tech who made all that money doing, uh, computer stuff for charity -- just too good not to LMBAO!!

Oh how the mighty pious fall. LOL!

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

This is sad they spend so much time pointing the finger they never think to clean their own mess first.


This is living proof that God does not like ugly and does not take kindly to folks using his image, teachings, and good name for their evil deeds. The really sad part is that the same voters who put him into office are the same people who will have to foot the bill for these bad bonds.

The people of Birmingham and Jefferson county will suffer for this-- it will be impossible to raise money to pay for schools, roads, and other public goods. So much for their right-wing Christian utopia.


Maybe he'll understand homosexuality a little better during his stint in jail. I'm sure all his dealings will come to light soon. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. The holier than thou ones are usually the dirtiest.

J Matt

Wow, Rod. You are definitely reporting the news! A cold day in Birmingham indeed.


LoL at him. Exactly his just desserts if you ask me. Like someone said here, don't point the finger if you haven't taken care of your dirt.-QH


So, you all are mad with Larry because of his personal belief that homosexuality is wrong? Oh, how sad.

justbthat.com | jonathan perry

This time, I must agree with poliscispike, i must add however, the problem comes in when he peddles his righteousness and his beliefs as superior to anothers'. THAT'S SAD!

Freedom is the right to be wrong not do wrong and when you use your beliefs and ostensible to deprive a group of rights and freedoms other American's have it crosses that definitive line of being wrong to doing wrong. Our beliefs ought to liberate...not castigate.

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