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16 December 2008


Allen H

This man is vile and disgusting.

Mel Smith

Bishop Jackson is bigoted, ignorant and scary.

Mel Smith

Bishop Jackson is bigoted, ignorant and scary.


Two bit chump at best is a bad joke spewing his hate, and, just who made him a 'bishop?' I just love how they are always a "bishop," "archbishop" and other nonsense and have not went to any accredited school. And, the saddest thing of all is the poor dimwitted people who follow him and most of all give him money when they have little to none, and the bigots like Pat Robertson who trot him out to spew that hate and nonsense that they are more guarded in doing.

That Newsweek article was GREAT and I guess when it tells the TRUTH about those lame quotes they like to use to justify their hate caught them with no response other than the drivel he is spewing.


Why is this man calling people to the forefront against gay marriage when he should be calling everyone against things that actually matter in our community. It seems that they always want to focus on this one little thing than the bigger picture.

john ozed

...Sodom and Gomorrah. Isn't that when Lot offered his daughters to be gang raped by a mob outside his door? Isn't that when Lot had drunken sex with his daughters? Is that the best example the bishop can offer against same sex marriage?


Agentoflove: EXACTLY.

That is why they are actually HOMOPHOBIC and NOT about the 'community' that they 'pretend' to care about.


I really want Rod to run an essay/article about black homophobia. We aren't getting any where-world wide let alone in the US.

Honesty speaks volumes....not the subjective kind though..

I particularly empathised with this story-having experienced the EXACT same situation...




Shouldn't we all despite our backgrounds LOOK at the bigger picture??


Bigots like him make me sick!!!

Mel Smith

And the 'Bishop' is also ignorant about the Bible. Individual Bible interpretation can sometimes be deadly.


Mom? Is that you?


The black church has so many problems. The new cohort of "Bishops" (for the record, as a National Baptist I have serious problems with so many Baptist ministers adopting the title of Bishop when such a title goes directly against the Baptist tenet that all have the priesthood-- but don't confuse these power-hungry mega-church preachers with the facts) are leading people away from the basis of faith.

The curch is now less engaged in the community than ever before. They are becoming increasingly insular organizations that are not going out into the streets and winning souls for him. They get their money and their big curches and our communities remain in shambles. The social issues they do speak about are non-issues to their own members. Where is the church as a thermostat that MLK talked about? Why is the church quiet on sexual abuse? Teen pregnancy? High drop-out rates? Failing schools? Homelessnes? The mortgage meltdown?

A piping hot mess...we need better institutions.


The sad thing to me is that most of those who gay bash are gay themselves and do not love themselves. How in the hell can a man/woman of God go around spewing hate of any fashion. I think it's ridiculous.


Well why should the closeted queen bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta have all the fun?


Is that a gay face on the Bishop?


Kevjack has said everything I've been complaining about the black church for a long time.

And CAJIVA: that's the first thing I was thinking when I saw the picture of the bishop above! He has a look on his face like, "yes honey!"

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