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02 December 2008


Lee Adleigh

HORRIBLE. I hate this vile woman and her story.


This is just really a piece of work and totally expected from the hypocrtical woman. Is it legal to ask for donations if you are not tax exempt?

I am so sure she will be on tour with Miss Donnie McClurkin soon ...


charlene cothran is a joke. she was the biggest dyke in atlanta, the biggest in chicago and the biggest dyke in new jersey. no she is simply the biggest undercover dyke.

people like charlene and cotharan are poison....


You are absolutely right it is very convenient with all this Prop 8 drama Cothran does this. Pitiful.

Rod many thanks for heads up. I discovered this website during Prop 8 and love it. Keep up good work.


Despicable. Of course she has some white evangelicals helping her. This is how our black churches peddle this poison and damage our LGBTQ youth.


Rod, I have asked you this before. Do you have EVIDENCE that Charlene Cothran has not renounced homosexuality?

Why do you continue to put "quotes" around "exgay"? Cothran and Mcclurkin are no longer gay, this is is theatrical sarcasm on your part and alas very typical ...

You hav e said the same thing about Donnie McClurkin

A. Martinez

NN, surely you are in jest my dear ...

Derrick from Philly

"Cothran and Mcclurkin are no longer gay, this is is theatrical sarcasm on your part and alas very typical ..."

You can be homosexual without being gay, NN. These people (Cothran & McClurkin) still have homosexual desires--whether they act on them is another story. The poin is that they f...k up other gay people's emotional well-being by lying about what it means to be gay.

For instance, they'll claim that all gay people are sad and sexually promiscuous. No, their mentally challenged asses were sexually promiscuous, and filled with guilt because of it, and because they coulcn't accept themselves--that made them sad (along with anti-gay hatred in our own communities). Also, homosexuals like McClurkin & Cothran can sometimes be the most cruel and sadistic in the gay world because they're always looking for someone to blame for their unhappiness.

The Lord must find them quite boring and un-interesting.

Homos like McClurkin and Cothran are sad because they couldn't live with being gay.


Well, ex-gay or not, she sure is a "Christian" doing what they do best, beg for money, and, beg they can, while preaching hate. And, then, there is the question about who did not do her makeup for that show.....

S. Flemming


Jean Georges

Derrick that is very insightful ... If you look into Charlene Cotran's history she became 'ex-gay' after a relaionship went sour. She was unhappy and equated her unhappiness with being gay. As you said, she and Donnie were promiscous and unhappy and thought everyone else is.

I am black gay and my family is French West African. The religious prejudice is very strong in my homeland and even among our people here in New York area. you can't just ake up and be ex gay.

Harry A

What a sad, pathetic woman. She ruined her life and hopes to ruin other black gay men and lesbians. If you read her interview, she clearly says she is celibate and does not have sex. I think Miss McClurkin claims the same thing.

Not having sex does not mean you are straight or not gay. If you still think about members of same sex, you are gay!


Amen to that Luther!


What a Sad Sad waste...

She represents the true enemy of Gay rights, Hypocritical religious greedy homophobic leeches!


"Homosexuals like McClurkin & Cothran can sometimes be the most cruel and sadistic ..."

More cruel and sadistic to keep calling them gay and homosexual, Derrick.

They say they are not. Who are we to judge??

Thank you Rod for exporting sarcasm to your readers on this serious issue!


The epitome of butch.


NN ... I am so glad to see Charlene Cothran has fellow miserable self hating gays around who will defend her.

My aunt and uncle forced their gay son into church and religion about ten years ago. He turned out miserable and closeted and married a church girl and has become a horible husband and father. I pray for these people.

Darren S

Still quite dyke-ish by the look on her face and her clothes. I'm just sayin' ....


Thank you rod and thank you derrick,

And NN, I have read your comments before, you definitely have internalized homophobia.


How many young black gay boys will try to committ suicide because of this bullcrap? Cothran is evil!


They say they are not. Who are we to judge??

We can apply the same value added judgment as Cothran and others do. She claims she is NOT gay but does not say she is SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO MEN. She hints that she still has thoughts of women. Sorry my friend, but THIS is very typical.

Charlene Cothran is a CHARLATAN AND A FRAUD.


oh to be on the side with all the money-must be nice for ole girl. she is a disgrace. no more than a puppet for those bastards who claim to follow a man who said to love-while all they seem to do is hate.

Taylor Siluwé


I can't speak for all readers of this site, but I hardly need Rod or anyone else to point out a sad charlatan like Cothran.

If I believed she really had some religious transformation and actually believed she was doing the right thing, I'd just shake my head. But her obvious greed is showing, so jigs up.

Believe the drivel she and McClurkin spew if it makes you sleep better. But Donnie still LOVES himself some men, and Charlene dreams of puttin' a ring on Beyonce.

Those two, like most ex-gays, haven't changed. They may be celibate -- or even engaged in a passionless relationship doomed to fail miserably in short order, but they've hardly re-wired their brains to desire something new by sheer force of will.

However, if you believe that -- maybe the three of you can do some joint therapy thingie. You'll probably get a discount.


NN, i feel very sorry for you, maybe you didn't get some last night.


These re-born gays are annoying. I got a friend who is gay and celibate. I find the only reason why they turn this way cause they can't find anyone to love and/or have been hurt to the core.

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