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19 December 2008



I knew this was coming! I am not at all surprised! I hope they don't succeed, because that would be a miscarriage of justice!


hi, i hope this does not succeed, my uncle married his longtime lover and they are devastated, thanks


it won't happen. things will work out for the best. we will all be able to marry the person we desire.


Oh lord, here comes World War 3......


Thank GOD for Jerry Brown!

Nathan James

And here I was under the impression that the Constitution forbids laws to be applied retroactively...(sigh)...

Taylor Siluwé

i agree freeleo ...

we will win. let there be no doubt about that. despite the whining and the screeching coming from certain corners over 'the Warren thing', we have to trust that we did in fact elect the SMART GUY for a change.

with Obama's recent statement to put America back onto the forefront of science with the purpose of "...ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology..." I have no doubt that Rick Warren's creationist, anti-science 'ideology' will never trump the true mission of the smart guy we elected.

And yeah ... Prop 8 is dead Amendment walking. No doubt.


as one of the screechers Taylor. Im trying to have your faith, but I need a sign...and Rick Warren certainly wasnt it.


whew! thanks taylor siluwe. i thought i was alone in my belief.

Nite In Shining Armour

Time will soon show how aweful this propsition is.


This is really disgusting. The silver lining the Attorney General backing this, after not being for it. This gives it some clout. Hopefully if the people on our side parallels interracial marriages, this will work to our advantage.

The argument goes, that if this is allowed to happen then you have to overturn interracial marriges for the same reason if someone comes forward and presents a case against it. Even though some states cahnged the langauge to align themselves with interracial marriage, I'm sure not all have as of yet. People and state departments forget and say they'll get to it, ect.

So the passage went state by state and they can see who dropped the ball and fight for marriages that have already taken place. I'm sure the opponents are already looking at this angle to cover themselves, but hopefully our side has some tricks up it's sleeve.

This is going to tear that state apart and really push itself to the forefront of Obama's agenda, which is not a good thing. With so much on his plate already, issues like this usually take a backseat and America usually agrees with that. Or it is dealt with quickly and without much thought so that it is out of the way (in Amerca's eyes), such as DADT.

It was a middle ground solution no one liked, but showed that at least something was done. It was hard for either side to fight hard for or against it, since it addressed the issue enough for the moment and was told it could always be "revisted".

So hopefully this is something Obama won't have to deal with in his first '100 Days'.


Really? Now, they're reaching too far. It wouldn't be fair to rescind those person's marriage licenses who got married before Prop. 8. As others have said, I hope that they (the Prop. 8 supporters) don't succeed.

anthony Smith

thank God for small miracles. Gay people do not deserve to be married. marrieage is between a man and a woman. Null and void!! I love it!!


Damn. So much for being Pro Marriage, Prop 8 supporters, by Taking away the marriages of 18,000 LGBT couples. We jumped the broom on the 1st, & we're still married regardless of what the law says.

Merry Christmas-& thanks for giving me a reason to be skeptical this holiday season to people's "goodwill towards their fellow man".


not gonna happen anthony smith and you straight people are going to be pissed..lol.. you don't even realize what's happening...

anthony Smith

I'm not straight. If I was straight I would not be on this website. I cannot side with Gay people because they are evil and you know it.


it's ok anthony. you can admit you are gay. god will still love you.

David Knight

I hope this happens. Yes, I am gay. However, I am black and I do not approve of what the cracker gays did in response to the vote on Prop 8. They blamed blacks (gay and straight) for the loss. Let them suffer. Take it all away from them. White gays need to learn a lesson. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Kevin Perez

And I hope the likes of you and others who think like that get screwed over TWICE for hoping it does happpens. Don't be a hypocrite! You're blaming them the same way they did to Blacks in the Prop 8 protest. Funny how the general Homphobia in Black/Hispanic communities don't strike the same nerve the way a couple of gay gringos yelling out the N word.

Face it, if it does happen, you pendejos are the ones that get screwed over big time and I love your dumbass assumes that those 18,000 couples of ''crackas''.

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