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30 December 2008


Kevin Perez

Is this something that's just limited to fans in UK that behave like this in football games? Italy and Spain are other countries that have its fair share have nasty inccidents like this during football games.


@ Kevin Prez

I think so. We have a really inracist cabinet, since Blair actually which is ironic!

The UK are obsessed with rules and regulations, thus politically correctness but I can't see this happening in Europe.

But you know what, I lived in Barcalona for a while and NOT one racist remark...

BUT it's odd-people will insult all cultures inc their own and take it on the chin when you insult them..

Taylor Siluwé

It seems like such a no-brainer, taking these steps to speak out against an obvious wrong.

But here in America where a fat (allegedly religious) homophobe is given a platform at our grandest event ... such little steps of progress are a very big deal.

Sadly, it seems America is always a step behind Europe when it comes to equality.

Kevin Perez

I wouldn't disagree with that, Taylor. But remember that the EU is not exactly fond of the recent Islamic immigrants from the Middle East and there is great prejudice towards West Africans too. Spain is notable example.

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